December 06, Sunday, 1999


THE GOOD: Well I would be remiss if I did not mention the awesome and sometimes amusing scenes with our all time favorite "Villian, the chillin Faison" Anytime anyone can terrorize and scare the wits out of (sheís going to be braindead very shortly) the Flea is alright in by book. Just when you think youíve seen him at his best he reaches in his bag of tricks and once more delivers a stunning performance. Need I comment on how well he cleans up too??????? He has a style all his own and once again he proved that this past week. Itís going to be a sad day when he leaves Port Chuck. But then again we all know whoís to blame for this fiasco. I believe that Guza the Luza (as my good friend Olive calls him) heís on most everybodyís sh*t list this week.

Vlad giving Mac a tape which proves Helena was mobile and perfectly capable of killing Kat. MAC ARRESTS HELENA! Is Mac actually developing some real cop skills? I find that hard to believe but again after this week Iíd say anything is possible.

I enjoyed the scene with Liz and Jason in the diner. His attempt to comfort her and even dancing with her proves he does care about people in his own way. Of course the fact that Carly saw them and jumped to conclusions was an added bonus for me. Although it was definitely not a "Carly-type move because we all know that she normally would have gone in there and kicked Lizís ass. We all seem to know that but you Bob, wuz up with that????????

Finally, Fridayís ending with Carly calling Hannah agent Scott. Canít wait to see how she is going to explain this one. But knowing Sonnyís current state of mind I donít think any explanations as this time are going to help her . Poor poor Hannah---------------NOT!


THE BAD: Jason getting shot, tops the list as far as Iím concerned. I know Sonny didnít set him up but when he returned to the penthouse and Sonny didnít even turn around to look at him and see what Jason meant when he said things went wrong just didnít sit well with me at all. I know it was all about Carly being there and I guess thatís what makes it worse. In one week Guza you have managed to completely change Sonnyís character, and into somebody I would not want to know. I fear you are really losing it Bob, and I think itís time for you to take a long vacation . Loonnnnnnnggggggggg as in permanent. Unless you can convince us you have been abducted by aliens and they tampered with your brain (and I use that term loosely in your case) there is no excuse for this character assassination!

Laura finally realizing that Vlad did poison Helena and looked right in Lauraís eyes and lied to her about it. DDDDDDDUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH Laura and this surprises you????? Heís a Cassadine for kripes sake!!!! Thatís what they do best, well right up there with knocking people off. Another example Bob, of you changing a somewhat street-wise aware character into a "I know Stefan would never lie to me" bimbo.

THE UGLY: Well Guza you have really outdid yourself this past week-------------NOT! Just when I think you couldnít do anything else to destroy a once fabulous show you reach into your bag of tricks and deal the final blow. This storyline is by far the most deplorable, despicable, disgusting and look Iím only on the "dís" that you have ever done. Being abducted by aliens wonít even get you out of this one. You will go down in history as being the only head writer to take a favorite and loved character as Sonny and turn him into a sleazy slimeball who betrays his best friend in under sixty minutes. Way to go Guza. We could sort of accept this kind of behavior from Carly but this is not Sonnyís style and you know it. There were other ways to lead to Jasonís eventual departure so donít even go there. Once again you have let the fans down and this time it is unforgivable. But considering what you have been doing with the show lately I guess your ego has taken over what was left of your brain and whatever talent you had left. Guess you havenít felt those little sharp pains in various parts of your body huh? Maybe itís time to switch to matches!!!!!!!!!!!!


I DONíT KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE: So now weíre going to look for a husband for Gertrude??????? What is that all about? Like she wonít catch on to what theyíre trying to do. Let alone trying to find someone that would put up with the obnoxious twit. Guza I really think you need to concentrate on the mess youíve made of things and thatís putting it mildly. I donít know what your plans are for the next couple of months but you might consider working on a resume!


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