The Good, Bad, and Ugly

June 3, 2000

This is the Good Stuff


Well letís get this out of the way right away. Boobie and Roy getting away by jumping out of the airplane together, with one parachute, neither one of them ever jumping before and landing safely. Yea yea theyíre safe , I guess thatís "good". Does boring ring a bell with you Guza?

Chloe finally realizes what a cutthroat Edward can be. Duhhh took her long enough.

"As soon as I have officially fended him off, I intend to do a little raiding of my own, Starting with jaxís holdings.

Chloe: Edward ! How could you? all this time I have been defending you to jax, And it turns out he was right I was so moved by those letters you wrote to Lilaóso gentle, so filled with love. and then last summer when I met you, I thought you were this benevolent patriarch. and now I know the truth. you will hurt anyone to get ahead."

Everyone in Port Chuck knows how Ed is címon Chloe get with the program.

Well I guess itís "good" ho hum, that Jax has decided to back off the takeover and devote his time to saving the ditz. Again enough said.

Any and all scenes with Carly. Sarah Brown as usual has been awesome. Her performances were right on the mark. You could really see her pain when she discovered Sonny had gotten rid of everything in the nursery. Of course in the end she realizes with the delivery of the crib that he picked out, how much he really does care. I believe this could turn into a good relationship for the both of them if it is written right. Are you listening Bob?


This is the BAD Stuff


Any and all scenes with Boobie and Roy. I donít know about you guys but my "FF" button gets a workout whenever they are on. Boring, disgusting, sleazy, idiotic, and just plain crap pretty much describes any scenes these two are in together. Does she have a job at GH anymore? Could have fooled me. Oh yeah and her son whatís his name again, Lucas? Thatís right. itís been so long since Iíve seen her with him I almost forgot. I think I speak for a good percentage of the viewing audience, MOVE ON TO SOMETHING ELSE BOBÖ.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckyís behavior this whole week. Geez where do I start? Now I know somewhere down the line we are going to find out that Helena is still in control somewhat thru this stupid "chess game scenario." But how much longer are we going to have to endure this? He acted liked an idiot at the dinner with liz, Em, & Nik running out on Liz like he did and then almost accusing her of setting things up so Laura would run into him.Then later on running into Luke on the public docks no less.

"Lucky: you missed the ambush. Or is this the ambush, the sequel?

Luke: Iím sorry, cowboy. I havenít got any idea what youíre talking about.

Lucky: oh, come the surprised look. mom already tried that one. it didnít work. donít you two ever get tired > of lying and playing games? you think I donít know

you were waiting for me?

Luke: hey, I ainít waiting for anybody, cowboy. everything is not about you.

Lucky: why is it so hard for you and mom to admit that you knew where I was going to be today and you were just waiting for the right opportunity to pounce?"

But the most outrageous and yes very very "bad" scene was Lucky telling Liz "I want you to be happy. but not with me. I think Nicholas can make you happy." Whatís up with that? Bob you better start filling out some résuméís if you keep writing garbage like this you Ďre going to have to find another show to trash. Hey you might fit right in at "Days of Our Lives."

Larkin overhearing that Roy & Sonny have evidence to put him away. First of all is every secret and confidential conversation held on the docks? I mean címon Roy & Sonny you know better then that. See Bob this is what I mean any self-respecting mobster and his kind of partner and sworn enemy of Larkinís would never talk about this stuff in public. Is that really that hard for you to comprehend? Now we have to put up with Hannah the banana being held by Larkin my least favorite character and of course another rescue will have to follow. Do us a favor Bob; please keep Boobie out of this one. Put her back at GH where she belongs or better yet home with her son, whatís his name.

This is the Ugly Stuff


Once again Flea has won in this category. I donít think sheís ever going to make my "Good" category at least not in the foreseeable future. "Gangy Fever"? Bob have you completely gone around the bend? That whole thing leading up to them being trapped alone once again was pathetic. Every time I donít think Flea can p*ss me off anymore, she does something else and itís even worse. "Maxie's convinced that it's all my fault." Hello??? Maxieís right fleabag, it is all your fault wake up and smell your oatmeal cookies! Do you remember saying this Flea? "I won't lose my girls' love, and I don't want to scar them" Sound familiar? Obviously not, or you would have left immediately when they informed you and Luke that the quarantine had been lifted. But noooooooo you chose to stay awhile and participate in that sleazy yucky dance that Iím sure you thought was very sexy and hot. Once again itís a good thing I hadnít just eaten or it would have been "hurl city " Even when she gets home she is trying to make excuses and cop out. I hate that I can never give my explanation." That would be what exactly Flea? Guza you have painted yourself or I guess in your case written yourself into a corner that I donít see how youíre going to get out of. You have literally destroyed this character. My prayers are with you Guza, you need all the help you can get.


This is the I don't know about


I donít know where you are going with this Lucky/Liz/Nik storyline Bob, but I have a very bad feeling about it. Obviously Helena is up to something and itís not good. Like Stefan said when he found that picture of Lucky

"Touching moment, really. You and lucky bonding ,laughing. but what's wrong with this picture?

no, you see, mother, the underlying flaw in this photograph is that it never could've been taken unless you altered lucky in some way. I know what you did to lucky Spencer and how."

This could turn into a very interesting storyline if written by a talented writer. Hmmmmm , now which writer at GH doesnít this include? J



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