The Good, Bad, and Ugly

July 5th 2002

This is the Good Stuff


" Well finally after a few interruptions S&C finally get to renew their vows. He was awesome in these scenes and you can really tell that he loves Carly, as his words say: ďI will marry you everydayĒ now that guys is romantic. Alexis bringing suit against PCPD and Tags. Now I know part of it is personal but Tags does harass the shit out of Sonny even when he doesnít deserve it. Alexis reluctantly defending Carly and adding on 50 hrs. To her community service. It may have not been professional but Carly deserved it for being such a smart ass to Alexis. Why should she have to take such abuse? Monica taunting Alan with Rick I think itís hilarious. She isnít interested in Rick in that way but she loves what it is doing to Alan and that is her plan. If Alan can throw Rae in Monicaís face along with an illegitimate daughter Monica can surely play her little game with Rick. Alexis standing up to Sonny about the embezzelment, Iím glad she didnít back down. Sonny thought he could control her and Iím so glad she let him know she has a mind of her own and neither he nor Jax influenced her. Iím so glad Scott saved LuLu from the fire. I hope there is nothing else to it like Luke is implying. I want Scott to be the winner in this and just the good guy without any hidden agendas.


This is the BAD Stuff


I wish tags would stop harassing Sonny at every turn. It is only making him look bad. Now he might not have known that they were renewing their vows but again maybe he did and he got off on it. But it did him no good because in the end he had to release Sonny because it was a bad warrant. I know itís like second nature for Carly to lie but does she ever think about maybe just once telling the truth? I know Sonny would understand about the infertility thing and that isnít Carlyís fault. But her lying to him is, and this trust thing with him is such a big issue why does she keep messing up? All she keeps doing is shooting her in the foot every time she lies to him. Carly slapping Taggert. Now I know she was p*ssed and she thought she was defending Sonny, but give me a break. She just thinks she can slap anyone, anytime, any day she wants to and because sheí s Carly sheíll get away with it. She is lucky all she got was 250-community service hrs. Most people would have gotten jail time. Skye believing all the sh*t that Ed is telling her about Jax. I just donít understand why she would believe him over Jax. She is such a dumb *ss and doesnít deserve Jax who really does care about her. I know she has a lot of insecurities but I also know she really isnít an idiot and they are making her out like one and that irritates the hell out of me.
This is the Ugly Stuff


Well what can I say AJ? You did it again. It wasnít enough that you drove drunk, wrapped your car around a tree and changed Jasonís life forever. Now it seems you donít care if you do it again. This time to your wife who you claim to love and adore with your whole heart and soul. Well I just hope that if anyone gets wrapped around a tree or thrown thru a windshield it is you. Because even though Courtney was a dumb ass to get in the car with you because she loves you, she doesnít deserve to have anything bad happen to her. You donít deserve her, as a wife, she loves you too much and thatís when people around you get hurt. I think itís time for you to suffer some consequences of your actions and only you. Well I know this is Monday and these should have been posted this weekend but I was rather preoccupied, so here they are now. Hope you can still enjoy them.


Well here I am again. Just when you all thought it was safe in the land of soaps. It's been a while but I'm reviving my "gbu"s" once again. I really do enjoy doing them but it's going to take me a while to get back on track. Consider the next couple ones trial runs. Hopefully they'll get a little better each time.
There's a quote from the site EYE ON SOAPS which I saw and it so says how I feel about doing these.
EYE ON SOAPS GOLDEN RULE: "If it's not fun, it doesn't get done".
So I hope you enjoy them and as always all comments good, bad or ugly are welcome. Did I say that?

Oh yes btw I want to credit "Eye on Soaps" for the transcripts that I usually have in my gbu's. As most of you know Tracey Warren who is an integral part of EOS does the transcripts there now. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be able to interject them in my reviews. So thanks once again to Tracey and EOS.


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