The Good, Bad, and Ugly

July 19th, 2002

This is the Good Stuff


" -ĒNed is my heroĒ Didnít you just want to give him a big hug and kiss (just a platonic kiss, Tracey) for coming forward and claiming that Alexisís baby is his. Sonny was being such an ass yelling at her I wanted to kick his ass right there. It seems lately itís always all about him. His feelings, and his macho thingie about being a father, all because his father wasnít there when he was a child. Now I guess he had a right to know if he was but he didnít have to yell and carry on like he did. Once again Ned is the white knight and he has rescued Alexis. Oh all right I know itís sounds corny but I donít care thatís how I feel. I was also glad to see Gia decide to so the photo shoots with Lucky. Now this is JMHO but I see a little chemistry between the two of them. Wouldnít that be a kick in the ass if Gia got tired of Nikís asinine take over the whole show act? Maybe sheíll realize she just doesnít want a Stavros Jr. Kudos to Courtney for telling Edward where to go. I love when anyone tells Ed off but Courts did it so well. She really loves AJ and is not going to let anyone come between them. Lets just hope her going behind AJís back with this stripping thing doesnít mess things up for them. I was so proud of my girl Carly, tonight. When she first put this plan in motion I said, ďOh geez here we go again, sheís going to screw things up for herselfĒ. I kept saying cmon Carly you canít do this. Think before you act like an *ss once again. So when Sonny switched places with Jason and went to Carlyís in his place I was loving it. But when she started crying and told Jason to go away I wanted to grab Carly and hug her and say ďAlbright Carly for a change youíre doing whatís right; You know you still love himĒ. AJ actually getting a job. Now I find this hard to believe that we are going to see AJ sitting in a forklift with a hardhat on but I know I canít wait to see it. A Quartermaine actually doing physical labor???? I mean other then Jason beating the sh*t out of people I believe he really loves her lets just see how long this lasts.


This is the BAD Stuff


Well Kristinaís got my vote for the best of the bad for last week. Could she have acted any more like a total idiot then she did? Running all over, town like the town crier ranting and raving about how poor innocent naÔve Alexis was used, degraded and thrown away by the mob monster Sonny. Of course going to Sonnyís was the piece de resistance, ranting like a freaking lunatic
ďYou broke my sister's heart! You seduced her and then you dropped her like a hot potato, so she rebounded to Ned. Because of your callous rejection, her judgment was temporarily impaired, so she had sex with a man who she'd already rejected. Do you know why? Because she couldn't think straight. Because she went temporarily insane because you chose that crazy, hateful, spiteful wife of yours over her. Well, I got news for you. You are the reason that Alexis is pregnant. Now it's your turn to step up to the plate, sonny. Get rid of Carly. Open your heart. Open your life up to a woman who deserves your love. You can't even count the things that Alexis has done for you. She has lost friends because of her loyalty to you. She has made your life priority instead of her own life. She is one of the most exceptional women I have ever met and you know you have ever met in your life, while Carly is a focus study in a doctoral psychology class on evil -- ď
All she succeeded in doing was p*ssing Sonny off because she attacked Carly. I think itís time to pack up your bags Kristina, and maybe go visit some dali lama and find a new center in your life. Skye may be a great business exec. and could run a business with her eyes closed but when it comes to personal relationships her intuition sucks. She jumps to the wrong conclusions every time, trusts Edward which is really a lack of common sense on her part and is willing to believe the worst of Jax without even confronting him. Now I know she has a lot of insecurities but give me a break trusting a snake like Edward?????? This whole Rick/Laura/unknown redhead/way back when thing/- Laura finally remembers seeing her stepfather Rick making out with some redhead on the couch. Now I know this could be upsetting but unless the redhead is some we know Iím not sure where they are going with this. It seems that Scotty knew something about this and this is not cool. Because I think he should have told her especially since he knows she was having flashbacks. Thatís why this leads me to believe that maybe this isnít any ordinary redhead? Hmmm looks like Roy may not be who he says he is? Gee what a surprise there. He wasnít whom he said he was when he came to town; he wasnít who he said he was before he came to town so whatís the big surprise here? Since he (A.Martinez) got that new gig on Lifetime who knows how long he is going to be in Port Charles? Itís just too bad that when and if he does leave he wonít be taking the Flea with him. But I guess that is too much to ask for. But cmon Bob arenít you really getting tired of hearing that annoying whining voice?


This is the Ugly Stuff


Courtney alias ďDaisyĒ what a sad joke. Now I know we have to realize that she really loves AJ and thatís why she is dancing for this sleaze ball. I also know that she hasnít been around a lot, but anyone with an ounce of sense would think ďGee he didnít call the police at the time of the accident, therefore, duhhh canít prove that AJ was drunk days later.ď I know there is a reason for this storyline but I canít see it. So Bob, if you can let us know why we are going down this rabbit hole with this stupid *ss storyline I know all the fans out there would really like to know what it is.


Well here I am again. Just when you all thought it was safe in the land of soaps. It's been a while but I'm reviving my "gbu"s" once again. I really do enjoy doing them but it's going to take me a while to get back on track. Consider the next couple ones trial runs. Hopefully they'll get a little better each time.
There's a quote from the site EYE ON SOAPS which I saw and it so says how I feel about doing these.
EYE ON SOAPS GOLDEN RULE: "If it's not fun, it doesn't get done".
So I hope you enjoy them and as always all comments good, bad or ugly are welcome. Did I say that?

Oh yes btw I want to credit "Eye on Soaps" for the transcripts that I usually have in my gbu's. As most of you know Tracey Warren who is an integral part of EOS does the transcripts there now. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be able to interject them in my reviews. So thanks once again to Tracey and EOS.


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