The Good, Bad, and Ugly

August 9th, 2002

This is the Good Stuff


" August 5, 2002. A day of celebration and long overdue. A day many of us have awaited with baited breath. That’s right guys I am talking about the final demise of Kristina Cassadine. Did we ever think it was going to happen? But Bob did not disappoint us and she and her overbearing, obnoxious, whiney, stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, red-haired butt is finally gone. Just to be fair when she first arrived on the scene in PC I almost liked her. But that was short-lived. She soon started showing her true colors (if you leave out the mop of hair of course) culminating hooking up with her sister’s ex. I realize Alexis gave her her blessing but IMHO she had no right to go there and for me that was the turning point. I think the fact that she was willing to betray Alexis by telling Sonny the truth was the icing on the cake for me. Who did she think she was? Willing to dishonor Alexis’s choice and barge in once again where she didn’t belong and do what she felt was right. The only ones I feel sorry for in all of this are Alexis and Ned. I’m sorry she lost her sister I know she loved Kristina very much and that is sad. I also know that Ned thinks he loved her and maybe he did in one way. But I really believe it wasn't anything like the true love that he shared with Alexis and I also believe in my heart that one day they will reunite and be together. Sooooo,………goodbye , farewell it’s been swell………….not!

Well I don’t know about anyone else out there but I was riveted to my chair when Alexis tore into Roy, Jason, and Sonny. What a performance . For anyone who missed it I feel compelled to repeat it here for you. She hit the nail right on the head with Roy, accusing him of being the dupee, and all he could do is stand there and realize that she was right Which in Roy‘s case doesn’t‘ take a lot of effort on the duper. “Professional snitch, second-rate club owner but you're a gangster wannabe” He has no idea who’s he’s dealing with and if he isn’t careful he’s going to be a dead wannabe. She then moved on to Jason, “you're a common thug who would do anything to protect his boss. You're a puppet, you're an errand boy, you're a shadow. You're nothing.” I know she got to him you could just tell by the look on his face. Of course she saved the best for last. She knew with every word she delivered to Sonny that it would reach inside his soul and tear him apart. “ Do you think you're the only person who understands family? My family, the cassadines, was staging deadly vendettas while your ancestors were working our fields with the other peasants. He will never fall. You bring death wherever you go. No, seriously. I almost lost my life twice simply because I was just standing too close to him. But I survived, unlike your mother. Or lily. Or her unborn child. Or Brenda. Or your unborn child. I mean, really Isn't it amazing? That's his crowning achievement -- everybody dies around him yet he is the one that always lives Is it extraordinary?” She couldn’t have hurt him more, sticking a knife in his back would have been a day at the beach. I can’t say I blame her at all. Everything she said was true, maybe some of it a little over the top but nevertheless it hit home. I was proud of Alexis and I am awed once more at NLG’s most awesome performance. If this isn’t emmy nomination material I don’t know what is. Congratulations to Alexis and NLG.

On a lighter note Luke and Laura have a wonderful rehearsal dinner with their closet friends and family (although as we all know appearances can be deceiving) and Luke makes the traditional toast. Traditional, with a little Luke thrown in. “Ok, time for a toast. Ladies and gentlemen -- and Scott -- here's to, first of all, ruby -- we feel your love every day and we miss you.” That’s our Luke. But in this case he may be on to something as to how involved Scott is in this “attic cover-up”.

I am really happy with AJ lately. He seems to be turning his life around now that he has Courtney in it. I think planning this surprise birthday party for her is so sweet and it shows that he really does love her. But I’m afraid Courtney’s getting busted on Friday does not look good . Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.



This is the BAD Stuff


“Elizabeth I -- I'm sorry, ok? It was my fault.
Elizabeth, you could have died, ok? The bullet could have hit you in the heart, in the head. I mean, I was at the pcpd just going crazy to get here.”
Sound familiar? Well of course it’s Zander once again apologizing to Liz for putting her in danger and going off half cocked getting her shot in the process. Of course he was at the police station, it’s his second home. She needs to drop him now, he is a loser and he is never going to learn his lesson. Wasn’t it just a few days ago he promised her he would stay away and out of Sonny & Jason’ s business. But yet there he was pointing a gun at Jason and trying to act like the tough guy and only coming off looking like the fool that he is. Do us all a favor Zander pack your bags and go back to Florida; sorry to the citizens of Florida it’s nothing personal you understand. Hey I know us northerners seem to keep giving you guys grief but if you can banish him somewhere else more power to you.

Alcazar: For all the good it will do you. I can get to you anytime I want, plant evidence, find a way for your friend Felicia to have a tragic accident. None of that has to happen as long as you cooperate. I'm glad we understand each other” Sounds pretty clear to me and a person with an ounce of sense would pay attention to this warning. So why do I get the impression that Roy isn’t going to? Rightttttt because he doesn’t have an ounce of sense. Even after telling the Flea…..”The police are useless against this man. He buys people off. He pulls strings. He controls a network of very dangerous associates. And it's obvious to me now that when he makes a threat, he follows through. I'm not taking any more chances.” Duhh! Didn’t take a house to fall on you did it Roy no, only a warehouse. Of course we all know that he’s not going to keep his word. You would think after twenty something years in this business that he would have learned a few things. But it seems that what does keep happening to Roy goes in one ear and out the other. It also travels at a high rate of speed , since there isn’t anything up there to slow it down so that sort of explains why he keeps messing up.

“How much you mean to me -- oh. I am so happy that you're in my life. Jax telling Skye how he really feels about her. “Skye: Jax, I want you to know what a miracle you are to me. And I'm going to cherish every single day that we have together for however long we last” I want to take Skye and slap her upside her head. She has a terrific guy who really loves her and cares about her knowing everything she has done. Now what is she going to do? That’s right in typical soap fashion she is going to screw it all up. I mean it would be bad enough if she was just being insecure on her own and not trusting Jax but she’s got to make things worse by joining forces with the devil himself. I want to shake her and say take a chance Skye, trust him. Unless she goes to Jax right now and confesses to what she has done like Ed said “You know, you're deluding yourself to believe that Jax still loves you, may I remind you that it's beside the point? You signed a contract, young lady, the terms of which are very clear. Now, once Jax sees it, I would imagine that any feelings that he has for you would immediately disappear. No, you're sure to lose Jax either way. Your choice, though, dear. But by honoring our contract, at least you will get control of E.L.Q. What the hell did Skye just fall off the turnip truck? Is she that much of an idiot that she really believes that Ed is going to leave the whole Q fortune to her? Once he gets his hands on that map he will wiggle out of the contract somehow or threaten to show it to Jax. Knowing Edward like we all do the contract is probably written with some kind of ink that will disappear once he gets what he wants.

Well my “bad section” wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the Flea. Felicia: I could go to sonny. I could explain everything --
Roy: No, no. I don't want you in the middle of this! You're going to lay low until the storm has passed. You got that?
Felicia: What happened to teamwork?
What happened to you being a mother Flea? Remember Maxie and Georgie? I mean I know Maxie keeps changing her looks but a mother should still remember her own daughter. Is she ever going to put her children first? All she seems to think about is going off on one adventure after another. Now she is hooking up with Roy, a definite loser who would fail miserably at “gangster 101”. She’s always been a twit, but now she really is bordering on being a really lousy mother. You know how they say that timing is everything. Too bad, if she would have only been a few minutes earlier then she could have joined Kristina in that warehouse in the sky. Oh well maybe next time I know I’m going to keep wishing.



This is the Ugly Stuff


UGLY- This whole debacle with Rick, Scott, Theresa, & Laura is really p*ssing me off. I don’t like the idea that they might be turning Rick into some kind of killer and Scott as his accomplice. I mean we all know Scott has been shady at times but never murder shady. But the only other alternative is that Laura killed Theresa and they covered it all up to protect her. Oh geez not another trauma for her to go thru and relive. But it looks like it’s one or the other. Now it looks like she has definitely killed Rick with Luke bursting in at the last minute but not knowing what happened. I really hate this storyline either way. Now I have been really happy Bob, with what you have done with the show. Lets hope you don’t screw this one up too much. I wouldn’t want to have to start thinking of making a voodoo Guza doll again.


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