The Good, Bad, and Ugly

August 30th, 2002corrected date

This is the Good Stuff


Ever since Scotty has become DA he has gone on a no holes barred campaign to nail Luke’s ass to the wall. So when my girl, Alexis went to the mayor and found out that Rick had a lot to do with Scotty getting the job she got suspicious and with good reason. It looks like we have finally got our old Alexis back and I am one happy assed camper. I love how she threw that skull at him and gave him that ultimatum..

Alexis: This skull ends up on Mac's desk, and you will find yourself in the middle of another murder investigation -- as the prime suspect.

Scott: All right. I just had lucky released on his own recognizance, but you're responsible for him. He's still a suspect.

Alexis: Why don't we call him a material witness because that would be more accurate, wouldn't you say?

Scott: I want his passport. He's not leaving the country.

Alexis: Ok.

Scott: All right, now, I’ve kept my end of the bargain. Now it's your turn.

Alexis: I won't take action on Theresa Carter as long as my client goes free, but if you bring him in again, all bets are off.

You go girl!

Of course any time that Alexis and Ned share a moment I just get all fuzzy and hopeful. He is always there for her.…..

Alexis: My loyalty is getting the best of me.

Ned: What do you mean?

Alexis: Despite everything that's happened, I still want to warn Sonny. I want to tell him to beware of the mystery man.

Ned: But you won't.

Alexis: But I can't because, in truth, my child will have a better shot at life if the mystery man wins, if sonny is powerless, bankrupt, and driven out of town.

Ned: I will do whatever it takes to keep your child away from Sonny.

Alexis: I forgot how ruthless you can be.

Ned: Is that a problem?

Alexis: I'm glad you're on my side.

I don’t care what anyone says I see these two together one day and I will not give up, neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Jason…….what can I say? He Is my hero. I love what he told Michael down on the docks when AJ was ripping Sonny apart.

“A father is someone who loves you more than anything in the world, who would do anything for you, who thinks of you before anything or anybody else. And a father teaches you things and protects you and would never treat you like he owns you, Michael, like you're a thing that belongs to him. And a father would never, ever make you afraid. A father shows you every day how much he loves you. Isn't that what Sonny does?

Michael: Yes.

Jason: That's why he's your dad.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but that doesn’t sound or look like the robot-like Jason of before.

I am seeing a change in him, it’s subtle but it’s there. He’s thinking more on his own, and his buried emotions are surfacing and he’s starting to pull away from Sonny a little. I think he’s tired of being his puppet and wants to be more of his equal, not exactly how Sonny treats him.……

Sonny: Are you -- are you standing here telling me that the maggot who married my sister who just messed with Michael's head, the sorry excuse for a human being who bought a decomposed corpse and passed it off as my wife, the drunk who Courtney stripped for to keep out of jail -- you just gave him a piece of your mind and sent him right back to my sister? Jason: Yeah.

Sonny: I wanted A.J. Gone, Jason!

Jason: Courtney asked me to help her.

Sonny: Courtney? What -- who's Courtney? What -- what was going on in your mind? It's unacceptable! Now, I'm going to try to understand, so maybe you can help me. Were you -- were you drunk? Asleep, in a trance? On crack? What?

Jason: I had to make a quick decision.

Sonny: You made a quick decision to go against me. Is that your excuse? You made a quick decision to help my enemy.

Jason: What -- what are you talking about? I didn't -- I didn't choose to go against you. I'm helping your sister. That's what you asked me to do, so that's what I did.

Sonny: Oh, so if my sister wanted to jump off of a skyscraper, you'd show her the elevator to the roof? If she wanted to do heroin, you'd help her put the needle in her arm?

Jason: She didn't want to shoot up. She wanted her husband home.

Sonny: And you think that's the right solution?

Jason: It's not mine to judge.

Sonny: Well, who's the judge?

Jason: Come on, sonny. You know it's a mistake and a waste of time to lecture somebody on who they should love, especially after what Courtney just went through.

Sonny: Ok, you know what? Well, you got to understand to something. Your job is to follow my orders, not to decide whether they're right or wrong. This is not the first time this has happened. I told you to make Zander disappear. You offered him a deal I did not authorize, and you didn't bother to run it past me first! This has got to stop, man! If you can't or won't do the job like you used to, you got to say so. “

Well I think Jason is starting to say so, and good for him. I loved how he told Coleman what was going to happen, and how easily Coleman agreed:

Jason: Yeah. She'll be leaving, and she won't be coming back.

Coleman: Courtney and I have a deal. She wants to honor it.

Jason: Hey, we're not negotiating. Courtney's finished. Mr. Corinthos does not want you to bother her again. You will not try to get her to dance again. You will not threaten to send her husband to jail.

Coleman: Look, Mr. Corinthos was just in here himself, so they've obviously got something worked out.

Jason: You know what, he has a problem with you blackmailing his sister, and my job is to eliminate his problems. Is that clear?

Coleman: Yeah. We're clear. Tell Mr. Corinthos I said no problem, ok? I understand.

Even after the way AJ has treated Jason in the past he still is pulling AJ’s ass out of the fire, literally so to speak. I know he said he was doing it for Courtney, but I believe there is a part of him that couldn’t let AJ die in that fire, no matter how much of a sleaze he is. …

A.J.: Oh. Oh. What the hell you doing here?

Jason: You almost burned yourself up last night torching the oasis.

A.J.: I survived.

Jason: I dragged you out.

A.J.: Right. The caring brother.

Jason: Do you have any idea how deep a hole you've dug for yourself this time, A.J.?

A.J.: I didn't ask you to rescue me, Jason.

Jason: Courtney did. She figured you'd be out drinking. She asked me to stop you if you did anything crazy. I guess she knows you pretty well.

A.J.: Yeah, well, that place needed to be leveled, anyway.

Jason: That's your solution for everything? Something's in your way, destroy it?

Jason: Yeah, well, you know what? You have a wife, AJ., Who actually loves you. Why don't you honor that instead of drinking all --

A.J.: You know, Courtney’s love is one of those great mysteries in life, José. Just like you think that sonny's god rather than the power-tripping bastard he really is. But, hey, I got mine in the end, right? Courtney was my one-in-a-million chance. It's over.

A.J.: She's gone. Not that I blame her. Look, if you'll excuse me, I have to get myself cleaned up so I can go downtown. I'm sure that's why you're still here -- to make sure I get my butt hauled in, right, so you can scurry back to your boss and give him the good news. What?

Jason: You're not going to jail, AJ. I'm going to make this go away. I don't want to, but I am because that's what Courtney asked me to do.

Like I said he’s my hero, it took a lot of guts to go up against Sonny and I see a change a coming, for the good.

Anytime I see more of Taggert it has been a good show. TPTB really do need to give him more of a storyline. He’s a great actor and he looks just so fine in that black t-shirt. I like that he’s not supporting Scotty in his vendetta, and lets him know it. Taggert has always been a by the book kind of cop, except when it comes to Gia, then he kind of backs off a little. But in this instance I hope he keeps standing up to Scotty and doesn’t go along with helping him trying to nail Luke. I have a feeling Luke is going to do that all by himself with no help from anyone else.

My girl Carly keeps surprising me too. She really seems to be settling down a little and showing a little concern about others. She hasn’t been as much “the get in your face, Carly” that we are used to seeing. I thought her going over to see Courtney and try and help her understand about AJ was sincere and there were no ulterior motives there. Other then looking out for Sonny’s welfare. But she didn’t attack Courtney or bulldoze over her. She just told her how it is with AJ and gave her something to think about….

Carly: Ok, Courtney, please, please don't take what I’m going to say the wrong way because I don't mean to be patronizing in any way. Ok, but how many boyfriends have you had? Ok, that's what I thought. Courtney, you know what? It takes a really long time to figure out men, and even then we only get it half right most of the time, ok? Look -- but really, if somebody's getting drunk and they're driving into walls, it's a sure sign that something is wrong.

You know what? Courtney, you are thinking. You're thinking, and you have finally seen the truth, ok? A.J. Is going to take every sacrifice that you make to try and save him, and he is going to turn that around and use it as an excuse to take his next drink so he can go on his next binge. Courtney you are so young, and you have so much of your life to live I mean, being tied to A.J. -- Is it really what you want for the rest of your life?

I have really kind of changed my mind about Jax. When he first came back to PC I thought oh geez, Candy boy is back and I really had no use for him. But I am really starting to like him a lot more. I think he has dropped a lot of his “I’m Jax, I’m special and I can do anything”. There is a vulnerable side to him that we haven’t seen in awhile, not since Brenda anyhow. Even though he acted really pissed at Skye you can tell he was also hurt, that she would betray him like she did. I also like the way he is standing up to Alcazar and letting him know he can’t get over on him that easily….

Alcazar: You've taken the trouble to fly out here, which saves me the trouble of contacting you to open negotiations. As I mentioned before, I’m not interested in money. I have other sources of income. But I realize the map is vital to your interests, so I'm willing to negotiate for it. And once we reach an agreement, you can buy the leases, quadruple your fortune, and return to your family with your lovely fiancée.

Jax: And what's the price tag on this idyllic picture you're painting?

Jax: Do you consider me a threat?

Alcazar: A rival, perhaps.

Jax: Well, then you should know when I'm ordered to do something, I tend to do precisely the opposite

Alcazar: You're turning your back on a fortune.

Alcazar: You know what you're doing?

Jax: Something very important must be at stake for you to turn away a fortune so willingly, Mr. Alcazar, and I intend to find out what it is I'm sure we'll meet again real soon.

Alcazar: Don't come back uninvited. I won't be as cordial next time.

Jax: Sounds like a challenge.

Alcazar: It's not.

Jax: Well, for the record, there's a lot that you don’t know about me, and what you don't know can hurt you. You have a nice day.

I think it will be great if Sonny and Jax team up together, if only for this one time. Now I realize it’s going to take a little more effort on both their parts, since they are both so stubborn but hopefully it will happen. I think we got over the initial hurdle the other day. They’ll come around because they both want Alcazar gone.

Sonny: So what's the story, Jax? I want to hear the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

Jax: I don't have to justify myself to you.

Sonny: How did you meet up with alcazar, huh? You were probably just candy-boying your way through Monte carol or wherever it is that you go. Somebody pointed to him and said, "see that man over there at the baccarat table? Bodyguards on either side? He sells tanks, bombs, nuclear devices to terrorists with money to pay," and you just made a beeline, right? So what's the plan? Because I know how much you love getting your hands dirty.

Jax: You don't have any room to criticize, Corinthos. And as for your paranoid ranting, there is some truth to that. Alcazar does plan to take you down. Now, you can make that about how much you hate me, or you can give it a rest and help me take him down.

Sonny: You want me to help you?

Jax: Well, either that or stay out of my way. I don't have time to play another round of king of the mountain with you, Corinthos. Alcazar is on my back, as well.

Sonny: Did he contaminate your warehouse; blow it up with an innocent woman inside? What has alcazar cost you so far, Jax?

Jax: What I know about?

Sonny: Yeah.

Jax: A fortune in oil drilling rights in Canada.

Sonny: Go ahead.

Jax: Alcazar offered to return the oil site map that he stole from me. In return, I have to leave port Charles for good.

Sonny: Why does he care where you live?

Jax: I have no idea. Of course I refused, and he said that that would be an unwise choice.

Sonny: He threatened you?

Jax: Nothing so overt, but I got the message.

Sonny: Anything else?

Jax: I don't know it depends. Are we making small talk here, or are we actually working towards a joint strategy?

Sonny: Well, hey, you know what, I'm still here.

Jax: That's not an answer.

Sonny: Alcazar thinks he has something I want. Do you have any idea what that is?

Jax: No. But I'm sure if we put our heads together we can figure it out. I happen to be fairly observant, and I did see something on the --

Sonny: You mean you learned something since you let that madwoman drive Brenda over a cliff?

Jax: Yeah, we all know how brilliant you are at protecting women.

Sonny: Well, who have you protected? And why should I throw in with you? You can't even keep track of your own damn oil well. You know what? I'll pass.

Jax: Fine. Have it your way.

See I can tell already buddies to the end. All right maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, But if anyone can take Alcazar down it’s those two.

Of course I saved the best for last. The scenes between Laura and Luke had me red-eyed and my heart was just breaking for the two of them. They both gave stellar performances. I’m not going to dwell on the moments when Laura remembered what really happened and what she did, but rather on the touching vows they said to one another, especially Luke. He loves her so much and will go to any length to protect her. I got so weepy when he said…

. Luke: “We are gathered here, my sweetheart and me, all the people who live in our hearts, to pledge ourselves to each other. It worked so good for us the first time. I never saw it coming. I never believed that anything like this would ever happen to me. Anyone as beautiful or as gentle as you. The thought that you'd love me was incomprehensible. But you did. And through it you were only brave but you were courageous, and special. These all the things that you love a throw away like me. Thank you. tomorrow than today. Do I think that's possible because at this moment I love you more than I ever have. I, l take my Laura, for better, for better or worse, richer, or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. That is my solemn vow. “

Laura: “I love your eyes. I love looking in them. I feel so, so safe inside there. You know, you're inside me. You're inside my heart, right at the center. And you always will be”

Need I say more?



This is the BAD Stuff


Well once again Zander has gotten himself into another mess and naturally in the process he’s has been injured. What did I just say last week; he’s either getting himself thrown in jail or bopped on the head. Now it’s escalated to almost fatally drowning and need I mention another amnesia storyline. Ho hum. I have to admit he was funny when he was trying to find out from Liz who he was….

Zander: Ok. Ok. Um -- let's start with the obvious. Do I like to sail or -- or have I made someone mad enough that they would hit me over the head and drown me?

You’re right on the money Zander; you pissed someone off because you were sticking your nose where it didn’t belong, yet again. Now we have to watch Lizzie do her Florence Nightingale routine and nurse him back to health. Gawd what we have to put up with sometimes, thank heaven for the “ff” button.

Poor Skye she just never learns. Problem is she is still blaming everyone else for what she does. Until she can admit that she alone is responsible for Jax dumping her and letting her know how he feels , she is going to continue in this downward spiral with no way out. He’s only being honest with her and she needs to really listen…….

Skye: “Jax.

Jax: “Am I going to have to get the locks changed? You have 20 minutes to get your stuff and get out of here. I'll be back when you're gone.

You know, why do you bother, Skye? Because you are the best at self-destruction I've ever met. You don't need alcohol!

Skye: Hey! I had a little push this time, you know? Edward did this to me.

Jax: Edward was true to his nature. He's a liar and a manipulator and you knew that, but you chose to believe him anyway. You wanted to believe that I was having an affair, didn't you? Not because Edward is a brilliant liar, but because it would get you what you want -- E.L.Q. All for yourself. You made a conscious and deliberate choice. You'll get no sympathy from me. Jax: There's -- there's not a lot left to say, ok? I thought I knew you, but I didn't, and now I don't want to. You destroy everyone and everything you come in contact with. I don't want to be a part of that. I don't know why I ever was.

Skye: I know I’ve made everything worse, but I do love you. Jax, please, I -- I need you now more than I’ve ever needed you. You've got to help me get through this. I -- you got to tell me that you know that it was all a mistake. Please.

Jax: Which mistake was that? Taking a drink? Unplugging some helpless old man from his life-support system? Double-crossing me and my entire family to get your hands on Edward's money? Shall I go on? Lying to me about your feelings? Fool me once, etc., etc. I don't trust you, Skye. There's not enough love and reassurance in the world to fill you up. So, please, let's just -- let's just make this easier on both of us, ok? Let's not drag this out. Please be gone when I get back.”

Think it’s over guys? I don’t know, like Alexis said to Jax the other day……….”You’re still in love with her aren’t you?” Of course Jax didn’t want to talk about it and he avoided answering her, but methinks he dost protest too much.

I understand now why Scott is giving the impression of going after Lucky because he wants to frame Luke for Rick’s murder. He knows who killed Theresa and so at least the 20 yr. “Old attic storyline” is solved. Now we have to deal with the current “attic storyline”. Is this never going to end? Either way Scott is still a obnoxious, scheming, lying *sshole that will do anything to put Luke behind bars, even if he knows who the real killer is. I think someone needs to go to “Port Charles II”, you know the one they never talk about on GH, and get the Avatar to take care of Scotty. Swish, swish and goodbye Scotty.

This is the Ugly Stuff


I have to admit I was kind of pissed off at Sonny the way he handled getting back at AJ. Taking him to the strip club and letting him see what Courtney's been doing was hateful and it only ended up hurting Courtney, more then AJ. Because once again AJ turned it around and started blaming everyone else, including Courtney and tried to pass himself off as the injured party. ……

A.J.: You took your clothes off for a bunch of drunken losers! I guess -- I guess that came easier for you than to come to me and be honest with your husband. You know what? Just forget it, Courtney. This isn't about you dancing. It's about you. It's about you. & I thought you were different. You're not. You're not. You're like the rest of my family and Jason and sonny and Carly -- all of them who think I'm a loser.

Instead of getting on his hands and knees and telling her how sorry he is that she felt she had to strip to cover up his mess, he puts her down and acts like she’s the one to blame. Even after he agrees to stay with her, (gee isn’t that big of him) he backs off and acts like he doesn’t want to touch her. What a total loser he is. Jason said it best.…..….

“You're nothing to me, A.J. I don't care about you. I don't care what happens to you or how many ways you trash your life. I could care less if you spent the next 20 years in prison. I saved you from that arson charge because sonny's sister asked me to. You know, I know you haven't changed. You still wreck everything you touch. Cars, windows, people -- it's all the same to you. You crash into whatever's right in front of you and you smash it to pieces, and now you're doing it to Courtney. “

Of course this is all a result of what AJ told Michael about Sonny, the only father he knows and loves. What AJ did was despicable and Sonny had the right to punish him. I just think Courtney got the worse end of the deal. How could anyone one tell a little boy what AJ told Michael?

A.J.: “I know you want to believe that, Michael. I know you do. It's hard to think that people you care about would hurt people, but he does. Michael, he does. Sonny hurts people.. Look, sonny -- he's like the bully in school. You know, he -- he takes what he wants without asking. You know? He doesn't -- doesn't ask for anything. He doesn't share. And it makes people sad, except Sonny. And if you try to stop Sonny from taking what he wants. It really kills me to hurt you like this, Michael, it does. But it's going to hurt you more if your mother keeps pretending that Sonny is some kind of nice guy. He's not. Now, he would never hurt you, ever. But sonny doesn't treat other people the way he treats you.”

This to me is the ugliest thing AJ could have done. He is a vicious, sniveling, lying, weasel who doesn’t deserve someone like Courtney. I agree with Carly, one day she will see what he is really like, hopefully that day is not that far off.

Well that’s it for another week guys, enjoy and don’t forget praise, slings and arrows I welcome them all.

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