The Good, Bad, and Ugly

January 22nd.

This is the Good Stuff

THE GOOD: WOW ! Did not Steve & Maurice just rock on Monday? Jasonís goodbye to Sonny was the best of all. Once again proving what tremendous actors they really are. Every time I think Iíve seen Maurice at his best, he proves thereís so much more to him then we have seen.

"Sonnyís loyalty test" Iím really torn on this story line because I really like Roy, I just wish he wasnít connected to the FBI. Roy has Sonny convinced that he can be trusted, I just donít see how this is going to play out without a lousy ending. I hope you havenít painted yourself into a corner with this one Bob. If you let either of these actors get away then Iíll know youíve gone completely around the bend.

Royís concern for his daughter is commendable. I just wish it wasnít Hannah. Anybody but Hannah. Talk about hard-headed, even after Sonny literally threw her out and told her he could never forgive her she still thinks she has a chance with him. Hannah, take dadís advice, get on with your life and stop humiliating yourself. You might not have dad around forever to bail you out of the assinine things you do, over and over again.

The only good thing about the "Carly situation" as I refer to it, (a very good friend of mine does not want the "P" word used) is the fact that Tony knows about it. How ironic is this? Sheís got herself in a real mess this time and no Jason to bail her out. Like the old saying goes, "What goes around comes around." Carlyís finally getting what she deserves and that is GOOD!.

Hey Bob, were you on vacation this week? There were actually some very well written scenes, some even with a touch of humor. Alan & Monica revealing to Em, how they plan to scam Gertrude, and Emís more then willingness to volunteer to help by staying out all nite was cute. Typical teenager reaction in a not so typical situation. Ajís bragging to Ned how he has taken Jasonís place as the "golden boy" and Nedís response. ": IF YOUR ONLY REPLACEMENT WERE ZIPPY THE CHIMP, YOU'D STILL FIND A WAY TO MESS UP BECAUSE MESSING UP IS WHAT YOU DO BEST" I love it!

Sonnyís reassuring Liz that she was not the main reason Jason left town was also well done. We get to see the softer more sensitive side of him, telling her, if she ever needed anything "YOU EVER NEED A HOME-COOKED MEAL, I MEAN, I -- COME ON BY, YOU KNOW? I'M A GOOD COOK. YOUR TASTE BUDS WILL THANK YOU BECAUSE I'M A MASTER." Kudos to the writing team this week!


This is the BAD Stuff

THE BAD: Now I didnít say there werenít any bad scenes, just not as many as there usually are. Jason saying goodbye to Carly wasnít so much bad as it was sad, especially since at the time she didnít realize it was a goodbye. She just never learns, like Jason said: "Seeing you and Sonny together just proves what I already knew. If I let you, you would wreck me".

Of course it goes without saying any scenes with Jax and Chloe are enough to make anyone ill. From the foot massage under the table to the "You remind me of my father" line had me wishing I had "FF" that.

Macís obsession with "THE TAPE". For kripes sake already either have him confront the Flea with it or quit subjecting us to the constant reminder of those two sucking face. YUCKO! I know you have a thing for blonde bimbos Guza but itís time for you to think of the fans for a change, and give the Flea a back and I mean way back burner story line. I donít suppose those rumors are true about Tava being let go huh? Well we can only hope.

Carlyís seeing a chance to get out of her predicament and trying to seduce AJ. Here we go againÖÖÖ..same sh*t different husband. Bob, get away from the computer, and let Michelle and the other writers take over. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


This is the Ugly Stuff

THE UGLY: The confirmation of Carlyís situation. Again I respect my good friends wishes and not use the "P" word. She really really likes Sonny and this is very hard for her to accept. Of course I canít say that I blame her. I know it might prove interesting but I just wish it hadnít been Sonny. Too bad Sonny was home that nite, knowing Carly she probably would have settled for Johnny.


This is the I don't know about

I DONíT KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE: Well whether we want it or not it looks like weíre going to get a newer version of the "Boobie & Roy" romance. Under the influence of Guza it seems GH is experiencing the "DV Syndrome" as in déjà vu. First ,"Itís not my husbandís what am I going to do?ÖÖÖÖagain. Now we are forced to watch Boobie make goo goo eyes at Roy and act like a ninny. I think, if a Luke & Laura reunion is definitely out why not a Laura & Roy get together? I mean címon guys, who would you rather cuddle up with Vlad, or a hunk like Roy?

Well thatís it for this week. The previews look good for next week so till then take care all. Hope you enjoy these.

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