The Good, Bad, and Ugly

January 9th 2000



CARLY ROCKS! What else can I say? When I heard that whistle I knew it was her but when I saw her in that outfit I just roared. That had to be one of the best scenes of all times. I canít wait till Monday! Do I dare believe that maybe things are looking up? In all fairness Bob, if you wrote this I give you a standing ovation. If not maybe you could learn from it? Do ya think? I can still see her now standing at the top of the stairs in that outfit saying:



ANYBODY ASKS, I'M MRS. A.J. QUARTERMAINE."- What a hoot! Sorry guys just couldnít resist.

Now because I was remiss in my duties of doing a "GBU" last week I will just mention congrats to Jason for saving Lizís life and of course to Roy for diffusing that bomb. Again that scene where he is talking to the bomb was funny. Hmmmm are we developing a pattern here? Of good scenes I mean. I mean donít get me wrong Bob we would all love more of this kind of stuff, but you have been known to let us down and I donít want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed , againÖÖ

Iím finding myself looking forward to more scenes between Carly & Sonny. They do have some kind of bond and it comes thru. When Sonny was giving her advice the other day about standing up to the Qís and she said "FOR A WORTHLESS EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING -- SELFISH, TOO -- SOMETIMES YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOME -- SOMETHING DECENT TO SAY" It was also very obvious that Sonny enjoyed that outrageous entrance she made. I loved that little smile he made. Like he was thinking "Way to go b*tch" Geez, I donít know Bob, three really good scenes in one week. Someone might get the idea that you are really making an effort here. Yes? Nahhhhhhhhh.



THE BAD - Well, I guess I spoke to soon. Whatís up with Boobie and the mother hen rountine and the "Why are you doing this to me?" My new hero, the babe, risks his life to diffuse a bomb and all she can say is "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT? HOW COULD YOU RISK DYING ON ME AGAIN? " Believe it or not everything is not all about you, Boobie. But the one that really makes me see red is where she feels she has to give her engagement ring that Roy gave to her back to him so he can in turn pawn it and start a better life for himself. Like he canít take care of himself without her. I mean that man spent 20 yrs. in prison and survived. I think heís going to do just fine. I like him because he can be tough when he has to be but he has a gentle and sensitive side.


Bob are you listening now? Because this is me and probably 98% of the viewing audience and Mr. Corinthos speaking now. TELL HANNAH THE BANANA TO GET A NEW LIFE! If she continues to stalk him he is going to have to resort to drastic measures and as much as I want her to be gone I donít want Sonny to get in trouble for it. She has become pathetic lurking in the hallways and hiding behind bushes to just get a glance at him. Granted I can understand why, he is a babe but he is no longer her babe. So come on Guza lets move on with this storyline already.


I never thought Iíd hear myself say this but I actually feel sorry for Mac. Yes I know guys, I still donít care much about Mac one way or another but even he doesnít deserve the obvious pain he is enduring witnessing these chance meetings between the Flea and Luke. He needs to confront her and show her no mercy. He has given her plenty of chances to come clean and she chooses to continue to deceive him. Just because she got a case of the guilts at the last minute does not let her off the hook. Come to think about it thatís where Iíd like to see her, dangling from, a hook thatís attached to AJís infamous crane.


It goes without saying I am not, I say not happy Bob, about Helena trying to frame Faison with Katís murder. Although we all know she is not going to succeed you have completely destroyed this character and what he stands for. For this I will never forgive! Owls never forget Guza, and you know that saying "What goes aroundÖ.. yadda yadda yadda." I will be in mourning for short a period of time when the greatest villian of all times departs Port Chuck and you are entirely to blame for this Bob. You just never learn do you? We wonít even go into the Jacob Young matter, I know you know the meaning of the word repercussions, but for some reason you seem to enjoy them.



Give me a minute here, Iím not sure I can type this without hurling all over my computer. Well here goes ÖÖÖNutraSweet and Slicker then Sweet finally getting it on. Oh was that not disgusting to behold. Like I said before thanks for "FF". There is no comparison between Jax and Brenda and Jax and this nit wit. At least they were believable, these too are like cardboard cutouts. To top it off, Alexis had to walk in on them and make things even worse. Bob donít even think about going there, by inferring that it bothered Alexis to see Chloe with Jax. This loathsome Fourthsome switcharoo plot is bad enough without you making things worse. Geez, didn't you make any New Years Eve resolutions? You know like trying to improve your writing skills? It's never too late you know.



Since it hasn't been confirmed I won't mention the "Sonny/Carly maybe pregnant rumor." I mean that would take a whole other page here. I guess it would have to be this new hatched plot of Ned's. The "Fake Alan and Monica breakup/Alan/Gertrude romance" I just want this whole thing to be over and if this works, fine. There could be some hilarious scenes in it, what with Monica and Alan fightting and then Alan trying to romance Gertrude, (without making himself ill) guess it just all depends on who's writing them right Guza?

Well that's all for now, hope you guys enjoy these.

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