The Good, Bad, and Ugly

October 8, 2000

This is the Good Stuff


Scott: “Felicia, why are you sure that Luke Spencer did not kill Stefan Cassadine on the night of June 9th? Felicia: Because Luke was with me all night.” ALLRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! I am really glad that the Flea took the stand and testified in Luke’s behalf. Hopefully it will be enough to get him a not guilty verdict. No, I don’t feel sorry for the twit at all. She should have told Mac the truth from the beginning and anything she gets she deserves. I do kind of feel sorry for Mac but like I said last week we kind of all knew he would be pulling that knife out of his back once again.

Mac: “Felicia, whatever happens to Luke now has nothing to do with us”......Poor poor Mac, clueless again.

Is it possible that Sonny is finally getting it? Well I guess he did, in one sense of the word. ;-), but what I meant was, is he starting to realize that Carly is really in love with him? Now I myself would have preferred a more romantic setting for the seduction of the “dimple man” but we know Carly and when she wants something or someone there’s no stopping her Sonny: “Is this why you came with me?” Carly: “This is why.” Sonny: “Why, you didn't have to go through all the trouble, you know? All you had to do was ask. “ Carly: “Are you sorry?“ Sonny: “Never. Just a little bit, um, surprised, you know, that you'd go through all

the trouble when you know that the charges against me had been

dropped and we can get our marriage annulled anytime.” Hello Sonny? I think the girl is trying to tell you something. I know there are those of you out there that are not happy with Friday’s show, but oh well........ Seriously I do sympathize, especially to my dear friend Olive who at this moment is probably wearing a black arm band and is in the mourning mode this weekend. Actually her opinion of the seduction scene in her own words were: “A definite 10 on the puke-o-rama meter!!!!! :-(:-(:-( “

Well the terrified (?) Emily has finally been “rescued” from the clutches of the alleged killer/kidnapper Zander/Xander. Geez we could really see how scared she was of him as she begged Jason not to hurt him and kept telling Lucky to let her go, so she could go to Zander. Well once again Juan, you are clueless. Time to move on to another show maybe?

I’m really getting to like Nik and Gia together, especially their confrontations with Helena. Helena: “Well, Nicholas, my darling.

I've missed you. And who's your little companion? A hospital employee?” Gia: “I'm chief of neurosurgery.” Helena: “Well, in that case I would know you. But I don't.” Gia: “Well, then, you've recently had a brain operation?” We don’t have to worry about Nicholas he can definitely hold his own. “Cross me now, Helena, you'll pay for it later. I promise you that. Gooooooo Nik!



This is the BAD Stuff


Whatever are we going to do with you Ajerk? Does the word denial mean anything to you? Alan: “I know it's tough at first.” A.J.: “What, are you deaf now, too? Get me a drink!”
“You are safe here, A.J“. A.J.: “What do you want? What do you want -- money, stocks? You're punishing me, right? That's what this is about. You can't find my little sister, you've lost your golden boy, so let's lock up AJ.!” Do Monica and Allan really believe that 72 hrs. is going to turn him around? I hate to say this but it looks like the banana is the only one who can save him from himself. I can see it now.........I’ll stop drinking but you have to stay with me and help me thru this, yadda yadda yadda. Well goodbye Taggert, believe me you’re better off without her. I must say here though that Billy’s performance has been awesome. His talent is finally starting to shine thru.

Alright which one of you writers is responsible for this mindless, ridiculous, and can’t go anywhere storyline regarding Stefan and Chloe? We are already having to endure Chloe falling all over Stefan and worried to death about him. Chloe: “The guards brought us back. I was really afraid they hurt you, Stefan.”

Chloe: How’s your head? Stefan: “Well, all things considered, I'm feeling quite well. How about you? Chloe: “I'm fine. I wasn't the one who was hurt last night. God, Stefan! You were out of your room. I thought Helena had retaliated.” Between the self defense lessons and the gin rummy my “ff” button is getting a real workout. Please writers, listen to the fans we don’t want a Stefan/Chloe pairing. I don’t have Bob to yell at anymore so I’m venting at all of you.

Well if Luke is found not guilty I guess it will be thanks to the Flea. It sure won’t be because of his crummy attitude. Boy he can be a real jerk sometimes. I mean I know he’s not guilty but with all the evidence against him he should be glad Scott is willing to help him. But noooooooo, Luke treats him like sh*t and whines and barks orders. “You leave Laura out of this. You understand?

Otherwise you're off this case! I'm ordering you -- leave Laura out of this.” Luke: I got time, already. Did you talk to Felicia about testifying? Scott: “I sure did, and she's going to be the first one on the stand Luke: Oh, no, she isn't .“Under no circumstances are you to call Mrs. Mac Scorpio to the stand!” Even Alexis knows that Luke shouldn’t take the stand and testify...Alexis: Someone would say something to provoke you, and you would react -- badly, I might add. You would be cocky, you would be smart-mouthed, and the jury would come to the conclusion that you have no respect for authority, which you don't. And then your fate as a convicted murderer would be sealed.” Without a doubt Luke has been acting like a real first class jerk lately.

This is the Ugly Stuff


As far as I’m concerned the Flea letting the trial go as far as it has and not coming forward goes under the ugly section. Flea not be perfectly honest with Mac and letting him find out in the court room in front of everyone that she slept with Luke belongs in this section too. Again Stefan makes both sections, withholding Chloe’s meds is despicable, even if she is a twit. I don’t have a “dumb ass” section yet, so for now Juan goes in this section too, for just being clueless, with no personality and someone who should think about another career because a Ricky Martin you are not. By the way I am not a fan of Ricky’s it was just an example here.

This is the I don't know about


I DON’T KNOW- Well I don’t know what’s going to happen with Zander/Xander. We know he didn’t kill Ted so knowing the writers all the other charges will be dropped because Emily will plead his case and threaten to run away with him if they give him anything more then community service. Actually I do like this character and would like him to stick around, I’m just not sure of a Em/Zander/Xander pairing. Although Juan doesn’t stand a chance with him around. Well we shall see won’t we? I’m sure the writers won’t disappoint us.....right.....................!

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