The Good, Bad, and Ugly

November 22nd, 2002
This is the Good Stuff


Well I can tell you right now this section is going to be rather small this week. As you all know, not too many good things happened this week. But let's see what I can come up with.

I know most of this happened last week, but I was LMAO at Luke in that therapy section with former monkee, Hogan.....oh I mean Logan. Luke was cracking me up and I just loved how in short amount of time he had all of his patients turning against him with his own brand of logic.

       "Well, why not? I mean, here's a guy who's probably vacationing in Tahiti while you're living check to check. And, what, he's got season tickets on the 50-yard line. You're scraping together money to try to go to the movies. Now, if you can deep-breathe your way out of that, please tell me how you do it. "

Luke definitely has a way with words. Meanwhile Alexis and Dr. Cameron are observing him and they say "

      Alexis: Do you see what he's doing? Do you see what he's doing? Cameron: Yeah, it's not easy to upset Logan Mayfield. I'm impressed"

After months and months of "breathe and cope" Luke has turned the group into rebelling in just under a hour. That's our  Luke.

I have always enjoyed scenes with Carly and Jason. She just loves to bug the hell out of him and give him a hard time and he just keeps telling her to shut up and leave it alone. Now this past week she's trying to point out to him that he has a thing for Courtney but of course he doesn't want ot admit that she's right. I think we all know that the feelings are mutual but Courtney feels guilty because she is married, even if it is to AJerk who has now become even more of a sleaze then even I thought he could. I liked When Courtney came to see Jason with plans of c"coming on to him" as she said because AJ practically accused her of sleeping with Jason.


      :" A.J. And i got in this huge fight after you left us. He practically accused me of getting off on being stalked because it gave me an excuse to run to you. Like stalking me was my idea. It was so unfair and i got so angry that I just -- I decided to come here and throw myself at you just to prove his point. God, it is just so wrong! I -- after everything that a.J. And i have been through, he still won't believe that i loved him. I mean, suddenly, everything is about you. I'm not saying that it is, ok? I know better. You and I, i mean, we're not like that. Jason: Look, you and I both know what happened, ok? You were getting stalked, you were scared, you were in danger, and i was happy to help you because you're sonny's sister and i like you, but that's -- that's as far as it goes. Courtney: I know. I know. It's in your nature to protect people, and you're great at it. Brenda was really smart to pick I

      It is so obvious that they both have feelings for one another, I really hope that TPTB go with it. I also thought it was funny after Courtney left and Jason went to get Carly to help him pack up Brenda's things and he said.

      ."Did you get all that, carly? What did i tell you? Carly: No, I didn't! You know what? You speak so softly. I couldn't hear. So what's the deal? You guys an item now?

I noticed that a lot of the soaps are trying to put a little more humor in their dialog and I for one think this is great. I mean high drama is fine but a laugh or two doesn't hurt. I wish there would be a way they could still have Elton, make an occasional appearance even though Laura isn't around. I really miss him. I would also like to see more of Reginald, especially when he tangles with the old coot.

      I also liked the part when Brenda came to pick up her things at Jason's and they were actually civil with one another and he asked her if she wanted any alimony because he said he had the money and she said

      "Brenda: Look, you married me when i asked you to, you were willing to drop everything to take me away like you promised. You kept your word. Jason: Ok.  Brenda: Thank you.  Jason: You're welcome. Brenda: I still don't like you.

Yup , they're definitely warming up to one another.

But the best scene for the whole week imho, was when Carly convinced Sonny to go to Kelly's and talk to Courtney. Not only did we get to see that other side of Sonny, you know the softer and kinder side but we saw those gorgeous dimples. Courtney does know how to make him smile. Here's a little reminder of their talk in case you're interested.

       "You were right. A.J. Only married me as a way to get back michael. And I was mad at you because it was easier than being mad at daddy. I want to apologize for all the times that i called you a liar and all the cruel things that i've said to you. I was wrong, and i was unfair. Sonny: I should have probably handled it better. I should have -- I should have listened instead of, you know, yelling. I yell a lot. You know, and that's something that i just do. Courtney: You don't really like apologizing, do you? Sonny: Well, you're not having too much fun with it, either. Courtney: Yeah, well, I guess that proves that we're alike.  Sonny: No. Because, see, you're nice and sweet and I'm just -- I'm just a mean person. You can ask anybody in port charles. Courtney: Well, you're not mean to me. You never have been. I finally figured that out. "

Last but not least, of course Christina was born, prematurely, but she does seem to be holding her own. I would really like to see her survive and have them build a storyline around Alexis being a mother to her. I know she will be a wonderful mother and I would like to see more of that side of Alexis. I would still like to see a Nexis reunion but it doesn't seem to be in the cards anytime soon. But Iam patient and believe good things come to those who wait. Well one can dream can't one?

Almost forgot the most important "good thing" that happened. The demise of Alkaselzer. Wasn't that fall just fantastic? What a way to go.It's just too bad he had to f*ck up that car though, like  he couldn't have landed on the street, geez.. Of course now we have to look forward to finding out who really did it. Obviously there are a few suspects. Actually whoever did it should get a medal and a key to the city. As I said before "Good riddance to bad rubbish" Ding dong the b*stard's dead the wicked b*stard's dead!!!!!!!!!!!  Let's party!





This is the BAD Stuff


Well there definitely was plenty of bad going on this week. Lets see where do I start. Could Alkaselzer get anymore evil then is has been? Yes, he could and did. I thought he would at least call someone for Alexis when she collapsed in the park But no, the lower then slug that has crawled out from under a rock just walked away. Well he'll get his, sooner then he thinks. I'm just glad the doc came along when he did. I just love LD

Ding! ding! ding! is it round one, two  or three between Skye and Jax and or Brenda. Now I have said before that I don't condone Skye's actions about lying to Jax about Brenda, but I do understand why she did it. It wasn't a vindictive or evil motive it was her way of trying to hold onto Jax. Also like I said before he definitely isn't worth it and in the long run she'll be better off without him. He is just as much a liar and cheat as she is . I had actually started to like him a little then he goes and acts like the s.o.b. that he really is and proves that Jaxass fits him just perfectly. Here are just a few lines between the three of them that will remind us all how Skye really is the injured party in this, Jaxass is just that, an ass,  and Brenda can be a bitch and she should have used a little discretion

      Skye: I was too much of a pushover for you, wasn't I? Emotionally damaged. Starved for love and affection. Self-destructive streak a mile wide. Garden varie drinking problem. Hmm. You just came along, and I fell, hook, line, and sinker. But the thrill of the chase is over. Far too easy, though, wasn't it, jax?  Jax: That's not what happened, and you know it.  I trusted you, skye, and you lied over ..  Skye: Oh, please! You're a bigger liar than I ever was! Going on and on about enduring love and the importance of honesty and loyalty and truth. Well, the truth is that you love a challenge, jax. You love a challenge in business and you love a  challenge in love. It's who you are. Admit it.

      Skye: Because I'm the wronged party. I get to be mad and I get to fight back. No divorce  Jax:: Well, you can't stop me from filing. Skye: No. No, I can make it twice as painful and take twice as long. I can certainly try to make your life as miserable as you've made mine. Jax:: You know what? I am not going to let you put all of this on me. Ok, we both made vows. I intended on keeping mine, but you made that impossible. There are lies and there are lies, skye. Me not telling you about Brenda may have been misguided, but it was for your own protection. Now, you, on the other hand -- you kept secret the fact that Brenda was going to live. Now, I'm sorry, but to me that's unforgivable. Skye: You never loved me at all. Did you, jax? Everything was a lie, and that is the most malicious cut of all. You have torn my life apart, and I will not rest until I return the favor. Now, hear this -- you will not live some romantic, fairy tale, blissful life with Brenda, not while I draw breath. "

      Skye:" Oh, you had the whole world to roam with Brenda. All those clothes to shower her with. All those baubles to give her. And let's not forget about those doctors you could have paid off to make her think she was crazy so you could have her all to yourself. So why port Charles, hmm? Why tempt fate by even bringing her here? Alcazar: Lying to Brenda was easy but limiting. I wanted to tell her the truth and have her choose me anyway. I wanted to have a future together. But in order for that to happen, I had to eliminate her past. Skye: Well, you've certainly made a mess of things, haven't you? Sonny's alive. Jax is alive. Oh, and Brenda's with him. How does it make you feel to know that Brenda is with him right now, hmm? Does it make you hate her, or does it make you want her even more? Oh, I've learned a few things about Brenda. Every man who wants her wants her even more when she's in another man's arms. How fortunate for your entire gender that she's so fickle with her affection and oh so generous with how she demonstrates it. Don't you feel just a little bit foolish knowing that you'll have to stand in line to have her all over again? "

Even though taking Jax for all she can get isn't really going to make her happy and she still will be alone I'm with her on this . Refusing to give him a divorce is futile, he's still going to be with Brenda. I would like to see her retain at least a modicum of respect and pride, he's just not worth the trouble. He's a lot like the flea something you just want to swat away and hope never comes back.

AJ is really getting on my last nerve. Actually he's turning my stomach. Before he was just a jerk, and a loser and *uckup. Now he is a real sleaze. He keeps professing how much he loves Courtney but then he turns around and terrorizes her by stalking her. As usual he's blaming Jason for all his misfortune.

      A.J.: "Courtney -- I hope you understand I had to say what I did so that you could see the real Jason. I mean, did you see? He has no conscience. When he was choking me, did you see his eyes? They were cold, dead. He didn't care. I'm sorry, but now you understand what it is --   Courtney: No -- I understand. You're slime, and I've been an idiot. Courtney: No, A.J., That is what you have been saying all along, from the start. You drink because of Jason. You terrorize your own wife because of Jason. When you burned down the oasis, Jason's the reason that you stayed out of prison. If he hadn't saved you, you would never have stalked me. It's all Jason's fault that our marriage failed. Do you see how I'm getting the hang of this? That's great. We can just blame Jason for all your mistakes. "

      A.J.: I've made mistakes -- a lot of them. I admit it. But haven't you made a few of your own?  Courtney: Yeah. I married you. That was the worst mistake of my life.

Lol, that was a good one Courtney. I am liking her more and more. She's not taking any shit from him and the sooner she dumps him the better. Because then she can hook up with Jason,. Yes I'm one of the ones that want those two together. We know they both have feelings for one another, and I know Carly will try to help doing her little matchmaker thingie.  Only because she really likes Courtney and she knows how Jason really feels, even if he's in denial.

I'm not liking this "Rick" person stalking Sonny. I get a bad feeling about the whole thing. I assume (since I am trying to remain spoiler free) that Alkaselzer hired him to take out Sonny. He's definitely doesn't seem to be up to any good,. I really hope they don't do another "Sonny gets shot and is in a coma again.............." I can't believe they would do it again. It's too  bad he's such a hottie, Rick that is . I remember him from GL when he played Alan Spaulding jr. He's a good actor and I'm hoping there's more to the story and he'll be around for awhile. Hey maybe they could hook him up with the Flea and leave the Dr. Cameron alone. Like I said before I don't think the flea could keep up with his witty repartee. Everything he said would go sailing right over her head. Then she'd get that scrunched up godawful she has and there goes my "ff" button again. It would really piss me off too, because I really love LD.



This is the Ugly Stuff


Well this to me was the grossest, cheeseist, and sleazeist (and no, I don't know if these are real words but I like them and I am going to use them , so sorry to any English language perfectionists out there) scene I have witnessed in a long time.

      Skye: Well, you've certainly made a mess of things, haven't you? Sonny's alive. Jax is alive. Oh, and Brenda's with him. How does it make you feel to know that Brenda is with him right now, hmm? Does it make you hate her, or does it make you want her even more? Oh, I've learned a few things about Brenda. Every man who wants her wants her even more when she's in another man's arms. How fortunate for your entire gender that she's so fickle with her affection and oh so generous with how she demonstrates it. Don't you feel just a little bit foolish knowing that you'll have to stand in line to have her all over again?

      Alcazar: How I get Brenda back and by what means is my business. In the meantime, as long as your husband is with Brenda, maybe you and I can console each other.


Oh yuck, yuck, and triple yuck. Of all people why did she have to do the nasty (and I say that in the truest sense of the word) with that snake in the grass. I wanted to hurl. Sometimes I want to just bitch slap that girl. She can be such a idiot sometimes. I know it's all about revenge, and pay back and that she's so hurt she can't see straight but the trouble with this is if Jax even does find out he won't give a damn. I must admit though at least Alkaselzer  had a great sendoff.


Well that's it for this week. Hope you enjoy them .






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