The Good, Bad, and Ugly

November 29th, 2002

This is the Good Stuff


Well, other then the fact that Alcarzar is really dead not a whole lot happened that was good this past week. Now I know I have said that before and ended up with a few paragraphs .But not this time guys, just one or two things to mention.

I was glad to see them finally release Jason, as we know he didn't do it. No, it's not wishful thinking, I just know he didn't do it.  Of course now,  they are going to go after Brenda just because Skye said Brenda was there and she did it. Hmmm think it will occur to PCP that it is just a ploy to get revenge on Brenda? Naw, that's just a little too confusing for them. Plus Taggs and Scott have a one track mind  either nail Sonny or Jason, Brenda's not in the picture. Of course I have my theories on who did it, and of course I'm probably going to be dead wrong. No pun intended there. I think it's a toss up between Ned and Jax. Hopefully it's Jaxass  since he has turned into more of a jerk then he ever was.

I really want Skye to get on with her life, without Jax. This little scene here when she came over looking for Brenda was kind of amusing. At least she's not begging for Jax to take her back anymore. Skye:

 I am really enjoying the scenes between the doc and Luke. I especially got a kick out of Dr. Cameron waking Luke up by pelting him with snowballs. These guys are perfect for one another. They both have that witty repartee, and I like the fact that the doc can keep up with Luke's banter and read him like a book.

Well I don't know about anyone else but I was LMAO at the whole "Thanksgiving episode" it was hilarious .I  was really impressed with Courtney, she is really funny and seemed really into  it.   Of course Lizzie was cracking me up running out of the diner screaming and flaying her arms like a scatterbrained bimbo.  Scott and Taggs trying to arrest everyone on sight. I especially liked Scott in the bib, it made him look even more idiotic then he is.. As they say "A picture is worth a thousand words".See what I mean?  Jason as "a nerd in the sweater" was priceless. I must say I definitely prefer him in black leather and  those sexy tight jeans. I was glad to see them using Mike again, those faces he made we're cracking me up. This episode was different from the previous ones but they still managed to touch on the "Quartermaine turkey dinner" or lack therof. Kudos to Guza and Pratt, I think we all would like to see more comic relief.  The only person I would have liked to have seen flitting around and going hysterical is Elton. He would have been the finishing touch. I really hope we haven't lost him just because Laura is gone. Maybe if Brenda got back into L&B he could be her assistant, you know like redecorate the offices or something. Anything to keep him on GH.

This is the BAD Stuff


Well here we go again another murder another gadzillion suspects.  Gawd, I hope they don't drag this out forever, or heaven forbid till February sweeps. Of course my guesses are either Ned or Jax, oh please let it be Jax  please, please, please. I guess we can eliminate Jason, Brenda, Skye, Sonny & Alexis. But of course I could be wrong, and it could be somebody completely out of left field. Hey I know, it's like someone else suggested, it was Lyla and Reggie!  Reggie pushed Lyla's wheelchair really hard and ran into Ajax and knocked him right over the balcony. Now that would be funny! I mean who'd  suspect a sweet innnocent old lady like Lila.

Everytime when I think AJerk can't be more of a snake he does something else and he has now been reduced to a slug that has crawled out from under a rock. First of all wasting no time in telling Taggs that Jqson was driving the limo that Alkaselzer was in. That was bad enough. But then to convince Skye to out and out lie and say she was there and saw Jason push him over the balcony. I wanted to punch his lights out. Is he that stupid that he thinks Courtney will turn away from Jason and go back to him? Well duhh what a dumb idea that would be on his part.  AJ will do anything to make Jason look bad, in Courtney's eyes, too bad nothing is going to work. What a jerk. Of course Skye is no better. I can't believe what she told Taggs;

  What a dumb bitch. Does she really think this is going to endear Jax to her, lying and saying she saw Brenda kill Alkaselzer? I  know I know it's all about revenge, but it's still a dumb idea. I say,  go after his money and be done with it. Let Brenda have him, you're lucky to be rid of his arrogant, self-rightous, obnoxious ass. What a dissapointment he turned out to be. I mean he was never one of my favorite characters, but now he ranks right along side the Flea, AJ, and Edward.

Now I know Alexis is thinking straight because she's worried about Kristina, but that's no excuse for the way she has been treating Ned. I felt so sorry for him the other day. All he wanted to do was assure her that he would be there for her and do anything to accommodate  her and Kristina. Instead she says  

Yeah until the first time there is a crisis then she will be calling Ned for help. She better think about this and realize what a wonderful, giving, and devoted friend Ned really is, instead of treating him like he doesn't matter at all. This is one of the few times she really pissed me off.

Ok now we have Taggs arresting Brenda because of Skye's statement and of course they found Brenda's fingerprints on the knife. Of course the fact that the knife is not what killed Alkaselzer has no bearing on the illustrious PCP,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not.  Added to the fact that we have a woman scorned telling this story about Brenda but of course that hasn't occurred to them either, I will stick with either Jax or Ned. Jax sure was eager to get out of town, wonder what he plans on doing now? Confessing to the crime to save Brenda. Well I hope that's the way they go instead of Sonny convincing Jason to plead guilty,  so his precious Brenda doesn't have to sit in jail for one second.  If that happens he's going to have the wrath of Carly descend upon him, and that's worse then anything.

This is the Ugly Stuff


I don't know if this actually belongs in the "ugly section" but I  definitely think it could be. This whole thing with Luke finding this chick Summer aka Laura aka high class call girl is making me ill. What the hell are they doing? A reenactment the last time Laura was gone and Templeton appeared on the scene looing like Laura? He finds out she gets a grand for her favors, so to speak,  so offers her two grand and asks her what he can get for that. Why can't they just have Luke get counseled by the good doc, and get better and become a better father to Lucky and LuLu and leave it at that. But noooooo, they have to f*uck around and bring this chick into the picture. Now of course she has a past that Luke is going to get involved in. Why do I think I'm not going to like this storyline. Well maybe Guza & Pratt will surprise me, I guess I have to have a positive attitude. I mean they have gone from fifth place to number two. So that's something. I just hope they don't disappoint me, I've had enough with this show already in the past.


Well thatís it for another week guys, enjoy and donít forget praise, slings and arrows... I welcome them all.

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