The Good, Bad, and Ugly

December 19th


THE GOOD - Can we say "Kick Snarly to the curb?" Oh it did my heart good to see Jason and Liz (you go girl!) give her the old heave ho. Not that she’s giving up, that wouldn’t be her, but it has definitely put a crimp in her style. Liz going off on Nicholass made my day. I don’t know what’s worse Guza… the scenes you write for Colton, or the fact that he can’t portray these scenes.

The man can not act Bob, how long do we have to suffer and watch this loser?

Finally, the answer to our prayers, the Flea in a sound-proof room. Faison, you are a genius. I know she’s going to be rescued, but maybe you could perform a little experiment on her vocal cords before she is foisted upon us again.

A huge hug (I would be glad to volunteer for this ) goes to Roy for saving dimples from being smashed like a pancake… by coffee beans no less. There seems to be an enemy on Sonny’s payroll………. again. Oh Bob, again I ask you.. does the word originality mean anything to you?

If anyone can get Candy Boy out of the country safely to start of new life, Sonny can. I think the idea that he is doing this in memory of Brenda shows us all that he does have a heart of gold. It’s just the wrapping that is somewhat tarnished.



THE BAD - Nicholass attacking Jason, even with a gun shot wound jas came out looking good. Nik, your attempts to defend Liz’s honor just make you look like an idiot, and that remark that Liz is betraying Lucky’s memory was contemptible, proving what a snake you really are. Hmmmmmmm lets see you’re an idiot, a snake, your acting skills are non-existent and Guza seems to like you, yup you’re doomed.

What’s up with Laura feeling she’s got to rent Lucky’s room out? It can’t be that she needs the money. And of all people Roy????? Now you guys all know I like Roy but I fear Bob you are going somewhere with this that I know I’m not going to like. Just what we need déjà vu Boobie and Laura vying.

I really was hoping we were going to be rid of Hannah the banana, but noooooooooooooo, once again Guza has opted to torture us even more. A liaison for the FBI to the P.C.P.D.? Oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee give me a break. If I have to watch her remembering her times when she was doing Sonny I think I’m going to hurl.


THE UGLY - The thought of, (and I know it’s coming) of the Flea being rescued. I guess we’re going to have to endure this travesty. If that’s not enough you’re taking away one of the best villains ever seen on a soap opera. I guess we’re going to have to endure this travesty.. You are definitely the "grinch that stole Christmas" Sorry guys my heart is breaking and Bob is the guilty party. More pins! I need more pins!!!!!!!!


I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE: - I would love to see Gertrude get scammed, and if anyone can do it Mike is the one. If it puts an end to this whole Alexis/Jax/Ned/Chloe then I’m all for it. Then someone can stick Chloe out in the snow and see how long it takes her to get the snow to smile at her. J

P.S. Thank you Olive for letting me borrow some of your terminology like "Nicholass" and "Candy boy". I can use all the help I can get.

Well chat with you guys this week and I hope you enjoyed this week’s installments.


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