The Good, Bad, and Ugly

February 4th, 2001

This is the Good Stuff


Do I even have to say it???? The “MAN” is back! Well maybe I should say the other man since I guess most of us regard Sonny as the man. But you have to admit Jason is awesome and I am so glad he is back in Port Charles. He looks better then ever, let’s hope that revolving door stays shut for awhile.

This is one of those two-sided coin type deals. It was good that Zander went out to California and risked his freedom and life & limb so to speak, to bring Emily home. He could have ran and that says something for his character, but there’s a down side to this which I will address in the “bad section”. Hey everyone is entitled to more then one opinion right?

Anytime, Anywhere, or Anyhow that someone can give Hell-Lena grief is a good thing. Now I haven’t really cared for Florence up to now. I think she does have a tendency to butt into her kid’s lives, but she does love them and she proved that standing up to the witch the other day. When she realized that she was accusing Gia of using Nik she wasted no time in telling her off....”From now on I will thank you to keep your nose out of my daughter's business

because if you don't, you will have to contend with me. And if you think you have seen inappropriate, lady, you ain't seen nothing yet.”

Goooooooooo Florence!

I might have to add a special section entitled “Comedic Relief” if we are lucky enough to see more scenes with Elton. He is a riot. From the beginning when he was Alexis’s wedding planner, and now that he is working for Deception. I just love him! He cracks me up. I especially got a kick out of the scene the other day between him and Carly, Sonny and Alexis. He seems simply captivated with Sonny ..... “Oh, such style, elegance -- powerful, yet understated. Quite effective.” and of course Sonny seems a bit amused by the whole thing and before he retreats upstairs mentions something about the cappuccino machine working, it’s like he wasn’t sure what else he could have said. That’s our Sonny.

Of course last but definitely not least was the marriage proposal. Sorry Olive, and all you other Carly haters out there but I think it’s just great and very romantic. When he got down on one knee, and it had to be really painful for him to do that I was just grinning from ear to ear like an idiot. Of course his words said it all . When Carly said we‘re already married and he said “For the wrong reasons and in the wrong way without a priest or God's blessing, and without making promises you deserve. I want to do that now. Ok? The truth is I couldn't see my life without you in it.” That just said it all. All I have to say is, Carly you better not screw this up or you will be at the top of my sh*t list. :-)


This is the BAD Stuff



Well where do I start? Well let’s get Boobie out of the way . First of all let me just say this to Boobie. “What in the hell is going thru your head? Obviously a lot of air. First of all you are upset with Roy because you are convinced he is keeping something from you and not being honest with you. So you go snooping thru his personal stuff find these love letters and feel you have the perfect right to read them. Then you decide that you need to go to Chicago and confront this Melissa person. So you lie to Roy about where you are going. You get there find out she did write the letter and leave but not before snooping thru her mail and things. You still don’t tell Roy what you have done and now you are as convinced as ever that he is being dishonest with you. You get whatever you deserve! “ As far as I’m concerned she’s acting like a jealous aging teenager that needs to devote more time to her son, Lucas or maybe even her job. Gee what a concept.

Now as far as Stefan threatening Laura , no that wasn’t too cool. What he did to Nik was outrageous, he could have let him know somehow that he was alive. But, I think Laura had a lot of nerve getting her knickers in such a twist. Has she conveniently forgotten how she hid the fact from Nicholas also that she was alive? Oh how quickly we forget.

Well we all know what a blowhard Edward can he can be. Calling the cops on Zander proved that once again. I understand why he felt he had to do it but he could have respected Em’s wishes and let Zander turn himself in. On the other hand Zander had no right to yell at every member of the Q family. He is the criminal here, not them. At least not this time. If he really cares about Em he needs to show her family a little respect.

Now the photo shoot. What a laugh that was. Don’t get me wrong I sympathize with Liz and understand what she was going thru. But, she can’t be blaming Carly and Gia because she blew it. There were just too many people in the room? Give me a break. She better get used to it or go back to waitressing at Kelly’s. As far as I’m concerned, Carly had a right to be there. After all it is partly her company. Something Laura seems to keep forgetting. As far as Gia is concerned, yes she was being a bitch but she had a right to be there too. So Liz needs to get over herself a little and figure out why she really had that panic like attack. As far as Lucky taking over and taking those pics and using the photographer’s equipment, well I’m not even going to go there. That whole scene was absolutely ridiculous.

Now before anyone out there decides these next comments warrant banishment from the universe let me say just this. I love Luke dearly and I think AG is an awesome actor. But.........yes you knew there was going to be a but. I would much rather see him back in Port Chuck then running around Europe disguised as Darius Cassadine in that asinine wig. It is boring and tedious and I’m glad he is back home. The only amusing part was the crack about the smell of cordite.........”Cordite? That's coridite, my cologne. I have it especially made by a famous Parisian perfumery where they use a compendium of the rarest Madeira botanicals. Oh, this is intolerable! I've had enough.” A Lukeism if ever I heard one. :-)

This is the Ugly Stuff


I am really unhappy with the way things ended with Alexis and Ned. As he said it was very hard for him to come over to her place and try yet again one more time to get back together. Now I know, her job is very important to her but she needs to draw the line somewhere. I don’t believe telling Roy she will talk to him a little later would have been the least bit unprofessional. After all he didn’t have an appointment and in most cases if you walked into a lawyers office they wouldn’t stop what they were doing to talk to you. Roy should have sensed that Alexis and Ned were in the middle of a important conversation and offered to come back later and Alexis should have told him to. The saddest words I think I heard this week were: “ Alexis: Why all of the sudden is everything my fault? I haven't changed. Ned: No.

And you never will. So, fine. Alexis: What? Alexis: Fine. Ned: Have a nice life.” :-(


This is the I don't know about I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE:

I have mixed feelings about this whole modeling storyline. Personally Gia would be my first choice, she is more professional, and she is definitely more at ease in front of the camera. Her physical attributes also are what most modeling agencies are looking for. Now here’s where everything changes. First of all this is soapland and then we have the Laura/Carly factor. I have a feeling if Carly wasn’t involved Laura might be inclined to choose Gia, and it goes without saying Carly might give Liz a second look. But that’s not going to happen in our lifetime so everything is up for grabs. Anyone up for a guess if you’d like email your choice to me and I’ll post the results on the GH msg. board.

So until next week I hope you enjoy these.

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