The Good, Bad, and Ugly

June 15th 2001

This is the Good Stuff


Well as far as I’m concerned nothing much good happened at all this week. Gosh what a surprise.....Not. Lucky agreeing to see Kevin and being honest during the hypnosis was a positive thing. When Luke showed him the ring and he said “Stavros” I said cmon Luke use your wily train of thought and think what that might mean. Looks like he’s not going to figure it out though, before Stavcicle makes his debut. I was glad to see Stefan and Nicholas reunite. They really are all the family they have (zombies don’t count or psycho-grannies) and I know they really love one another like father and son even though they’re not. The revised edition of the “Four Musketeers”. Granted I do miss Emily in this mix but, I have really grown to like Gia a lot. I think all four of them living in the cottage is going to be very interesting. The shower scene, although predictable was a prime example. I think it was hilarious, and the look on Nik’s face was priceless. I Just think it would have been funnier if it had been Gia and Lucky in there and Liz found them. Only because she’s such a brat and deserves it, well she does! Finally on a lighter note, the break up of Boobie and Roy. Now I really enjoyed this, and it ‘s been a long time coming as far as I’m concerned. Ever since she got back with him she acted like a oversexed teenager with no thought to Lucas or her job. She lied, schemed, cried, pouted, and generally acted like an ass. I loved the scene at the hospital when Melissa let Boobie know how she felt Melissa: Um -- I just wanted to say to you that what you assumed at Roy's was wrong, and if -- if you want to just throw him away, go ahead. You're certainly not going to get any sympathy from me. You know what, Bobbie? A lot of women will be happy to know that Roy delicacy is available. Bobbie: Like you? Melissa: Damn straight.


This is the BAD Stuff


Where do I start? Well I guess the resurrection of Stavcicle is as good a place as any. Wassssssss up with this? A guy is frozen for 20 years and he pops out of his refrigerated casket and is not only styled and looking good, but he’s limber and speaking, well sort of, kind of speak-grunt. Oh Jill where are you going with this? The only two good things about this is Robert Kelker Kelly is not bad to look at all and hopefully Luke will be able to kill him all over again and this time he’ll stay dead. Don’t even get me started on this biotoxin/You will rule the world/I swear/ crap that Hells is promising him. Of course right now Stavros is just got a one tract mind right now, a little frozen though it may still be, and that of course is LAURA. Hopefully Mums can tempt him away temporarily with this world domination sh*t. It goes without saying Carly ranting and raving about Sonny and how it’s everyone’s fault but her own as to why he has disappeared and may be in trouble. I mean if she could blame the pope she would. Never mind that she turned Sonny into the FBI and he went to jail and was confined, which we all know is pure torture for him. As usual she just acted before she thought and once more disastrous results. So in typical Carly fashion she blames...Who else, Zander. Carly: Don't you get it? Sonny is gone because of you. He got a birthday present as a bomb because of you. He is gone because of you. Sonny's in danger because he went out of his way to help a lowlife drug dealer who paid him back by ruining his life. What can I say? Carly will always be Carly. But this time she just might have gone too far. Jill, Jill, Jill, what are we going to do with you? Have you no shame? No common decency? No brain? This latest thing you have pulled having Luke go sniffing after the Flea like some dog in heat is disgusting. I actually had a little compliment I was going to pay you when you had Luke blow her off last week. That was great,. But could you let it alone? Noooooooo, you had to go and ruin everything and make Luke look like an idiot. Hey I haven’t told you about the voodoo doll I made of Guza have I? Speaking of Bob anyone see him lately? A word to the wise Jill.
This is the Ugly Stuff


Two words.....Angelporn. What a nightmare this is. I mean that fact that she can’t act her way out of a paper bag should have told you something. This whole storyline is ludicrous. She had better be a relative of his and it better not go any farther then her trying to keep him warm with her body heat. Yeah right! If TPTB have decided to have Sonny go thru his manic/depressive now with this bitch I am going to scream.

This is the I don't know about I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE
Well in this case I do. . This whole divorce thing with Luke and Laura is so totally unnecessary. They love each other so much you can just see it in their eyes. They belonged together twenty years ago, they belong together now! You have made a fatal mistake here Jill, one that I think is going to cost you. This couple is timeless. Like a beautiful sculpture that took years to mold and is now a beautiful work of art. As far as I’m concerned there is no other couple in the history of daytime, that can touch what they had or what I believe they still have. But I have one thing and that is faith. I believe these two will find their way back together, and when they do they are going to be better and stronger then ever. So you do what you have to do Jill, and we will see who wins in the end.

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