The Good, Bad, and Ugly

July 1st, 2000

This is the Good Stuff


THE GOOD- Well, I know I am probably going to get a lot of flack about this, but I like sonny and Carly together. They really seem to compliment one another and they seem good for one another. Carly really seems comfortable with him and she opens up to him and that is good. I also enjoy watching any scenes with him and Michael... he really cares about him and that is important to Carly.

The possibility that Monica may be pregnant. I love it. That whole scene with Allan right away jumping to the conclusion that she is having yet another affair just because she and boobie were acting suspiciously. I loved that huge grin she had on her face when she walked out of the room. That was definitely a “Kodak moment”.

I guess Stefan being alive is good ............ if only it means someone is getting over on Helena. I can take or leave him but I like Helena getting screwed, and not in the way that she wants.

Lucky kicking that guy’s *ss that was harassing Tammy. Not sure where he learned those moves from, but I was impressed.

Last but not least, Lucky jumping all over Juan’s a**. I almost wish Nik hadn’t jumped in to stop him. I would have loved to have seen Lucky kick Juan’s sorry butt. He definitely deserved it. If he keeps acting the way he is, it’s going to happen, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. :-)



This is the BAD Stuff


THE BAD-Tony and Lucas walking in on Boobie straddling Roy. How many times is this child going to be subjected to this crap? I realize Tony should have called ahead to warn her but this is really getting tiresome anyhow with these two. I mean Lucas has no idea who Roy even is. Boobie needs to get her priorities straightened out. Remember Boobie your child comes first., then your sex life.

Mac going after Luke, how dumb is this? You’re writing this right Bob? It’s bad enough you have completely destroyed Flea, now you are working on Mac? You are making him look like a total idiot and it’s just too easy. Luke is sleeping with the commissioner’s wife, therefore he killed Stefan, and of course Flea is going to be her usual ditzy self and not come forward and give Luke the alibi he needs.

Juan’s surprise for Em. Oh how romantic was that? I felt so sorry for her as soon as she walked in the room. I knew she wasn’t ready. But of course Juan being the total jerk that he is was clueless. I am not one of those “I told you so” kind of people but in this case .......... I TOLD YOU SO! The guy is a *ss, and he deserves to get it kicked


This is the Ugly Stuff


THE UGLY-Juan treating Em so badly at the rave. All of a sudden he acts like he is all that. Well believe me Juan ......... you are not all that, and never will be I suspect. JUAN:” CAN'T YOU FEEL IT? FEEL THE FLOOR? “ EMILY:” WHAT? “ JUAN: “THROUGH THE SOLES OF YOUR FEET. YOU FEEL THAT? “ EMILY: WHAT, THE BASS?” JUAN: “THE PULSE, THE CROWD, THE LIGHTS, EVERYTHING, AND ALL


HUMONGOUS HEARTBEAT” What’s up with that? His first rave and he acts like he’s a veteran. The only one he should be dancing with is Em not that blonde bimbo and if anyone is acting like a “brat” it’s him.

Well we all know where the Helena/Jax plotline is headed. You really are a demented person Bob. The pairing of Luke and Flea was enough to turn my stomach but you can’t stop there can you? You have to take it one step further...........this is beyond sick. I could handle the old bag with Andreas because he gets paid so well , but Jax? Chloe is not one of my favorites but even she doesn’t deserve this. You are really out there Bob with this one.

Let me tell you right now Bob, go with “Taggert and Hannah” I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t want to see a Hannah/rescue/AJ/romance/ .

Tell me Bob, the reason for destroying the character of Mac again? What two for the price of one? Flea is beyond saving and now you have chosen to make Mac look like an idiot. It is a typical male chauvinistic response but not a Mac response. How long have you been with the show again?

I also think it sucks that Stefan is letting Nik think he is dead. When he said last week my uncle would never let me believe he was dead if he wasn’t I wanted to kick Stefan's *ss Stefan needs to get in touch with Nik somehow and let him know what’s going on.


This is the I don't know about


I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE- I was looking forward to a storyline involving Lucky/Liz/Em/Juan maybe having them investigating Stefan’s alleged demise and the alleged killer. But now that Juan shown his true colors and proved to be the jerk I always said he was I can’t imagine that happening. But of course we’re talking about something where Guza is involved need I say more?


Any comments or criticism always welcome...