The Good, Bad, and Ugly

July 22, 2000

This is the Good Stuff


Well it looks like the Helena/Chloe/Stefan plotline is finally starting to move forward , thank you Bob. I was never much a fan of Chloe's but I must admit I loved how she shook Helena up by knowing the tune of the infamous music box. Actually the whole yacht scene was rather entertaining.

“Liar Liar, pants on fire” “You see Helena is not now ,and never has been the Cassadine trustee and she never will be.”

I was rolling when Alexis went on her tirade and didn't’ t let up for a minute. Especially when she said that they would never have a murderess for a trustee, and when on to describe how Stefan died. Nancy Grahn’s scenes were awesome I really enjoy watching her.

I love to see Helena squirm and we don’t see too much of this, but she’s beginning to realize that there’s some kind of connection between Chloe and herself.

“I admit it sounds bizarre but I’m beginning to believe that Chloe Morgan can see inside my head” And that’s a risk I cannot take”

Ewwwwwwwww that is really a scary and disgusting thought. I have my own theories on this and it has to do with Chloe being related to the Cassidine’s, maybe thru her late mother? Anyone out there agree with me?

I thought the scene between Liz and Sonny was good. Again it shows that side of him that is really caring about others . He also seems to be able to open up to Liz and talk about what happened to him with ease.

Bobbie letting Carly know there is no way that she is staying at the Brownstone. She tells Carly she has two choices she can either go back to Sonny or find another place to live but she’s not staying here. I am glad that Bobby is standing her ground on this one, because she is right Carly is just using her to hurt Sonny in her own twisted way. I still like Carly but sometimes she can be such a dumb ass.

Lucky and Nik discovering the freezer missing was hysterical. Watching the two of them panicked was really funny.

“If someone opens it up we’re as dead as Ted”

That cracked me up. Of course when Nik was yelling at Mrs. Lansbury about when he gives an order he expects it to be carried out and Lucky says to him afterwards....

“ I forgot how obnoxious and overbearing you can be when you wear your Cassidine hat. It still fits.”

I must admit there was some pretty decent writing and some even downright funny lines I don’t know Bob, can I attribute this to you? Or did you have help? I didn’t know you had a comedic side to you. You’ve been hiding it quite well up to now.

I must admit I didn’t get to view the scene where Lucky helped Roy kick ass but it sounded good in the transcripts so I felt I should mention it. If it was lame let know as I didn’t view it for myself, but he helped Roy out so that was a good thing.



This is the BAD Stuff


Lucky still trying to convince Nik that he should hook up with Liz.

I Know this is part of the whole “brainwash” plot but it’s getting really old.

We all know he really still loves Liz like when Nik told him ...

“Maybe she’ll want to go to art school in New York or Florence. Can you deal with that?”

and Lucky looks at him like duhhhhh I never thought about her leaving Port Charles. Or like when Liz lit into Lucky about “being just friends” and then acting like he wants more.

“I just want you to be happy Elizabeth” and then Liz says
“Sometimes I wonder if you’re responsible for the things you say”

Lucky seems like he realizes something is going on when he tells her that none of this is fair. I wonder if Liz realizes how many times Lucky has actually said the same line over and over again “I care about you Elizabeth”

It’s that brain washing thing again.

Liz finally telling Lucky she is letting him go because that is what he wants. I really felt sorry for her and it seemed that Lucky was a little surprised when she actually said the words.

Of course AJerk living up to his name by going by the Brownstone and hassling Carly. He looks like such an idiot when he struts around trying to intimidate her. Is he never going to learn? I beginning to agree the vodka has permanently affected his brain.

Mac trying so hard to find evidence to arrest Luke for murder of a body that he doesn’t have. Guza please don’t go there, with Mac manufacturing evidence and once more turning a otherwise good character into someone unredeemable. I mean you did it with the Flea and I didn’t mind so much because I never liked her anyway. But I do like Mac and I think it would be a mistake to go that route. But of course you’ve done that over and over again haven’t you Bob? I mean made mistakes of course.

Carly making a fool of herself at Luke’s club confronting Hannah and accusing her of going after Sonny again. I mean first it’s Elizabeth and now Hannah. She is so insecure she just keeps making the same dumb mistakes over and over again. Sometimes I wonder if she’ll ever learn.


This is the Ugly Stuff


Well for me it had to be Emily walking in on Juan yet again. I mean I understand all about hormones and all that but he is just being a real s.o.b. and the sooner she dumps him the better. He really hurt her this time

and the only good thing was the way she jumped all over him when he came over trying to apologize and say that nothing really happened. Of course we know that she is going to forgive him eventually because that’s just another way Guza will have to aggravate us and that does seem to be his goal. I mean he’s been doing it so well so far why should he quit now.


This is the I don't know about


I don’t know why they have to make these characters out sometimes to be so clueless and asinine. I mean Juan actually accusing Lucky of wanting EM and she him and that’s why she broke up with him. It had nothing to do with the fact that she found him half dressed rolling around with another half dressed chick. Nawwwwwwww it was because Em wants lucky. Like Em said to Liz
“Do I have like “sucker” drawn across my forehead?”

And when Nik asked Lucky how Liz seemed when he told her they could only be friends and he said

“She understands that I don’t want to be anything

more then friends. She’s ok with it. She seemed pretty sure about it.”

Like I said “Clueless” and really really dumb.

Well that’s it for this week. See you guys next week and remember all favorable comments are always welcome and your versions of the good, bad, & ugly too.. Keep the criticism to yourselves. LOL just kidding. Thanks to those of you who commented last week :-)


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