The Good, Bad, and Ugly

July 6th, 2001

This is the Good Stuff


Like I said last week I’m so glad that Luke and Nik are teaming up together. This is something I thought I would never see. Especially Luke paying Nik a compliment.
“And by the way, for a rich little snot, you take a good punch.”
They are so perfect together, Luke’s abrasive and humorous personality and Nik’s Cassadine reserve and fierce loyalty to Lucky. As he said to Hells “
Grandmother, one thing I am sure of is my brother. I love him, and I will protect him from anyone, all right, including Luke and even you. “
Now if we could just get Stefan to join them this could be something really worth watching, something we desperately need on this show.

The only good thing about that abominable “dream sequence” was Luke dancing with Laura and telling her he still loved her and knowing it was a dream when he told the Flea he loved her. Thank whatever higher power for that small favor.

Now this is just imho, but I think Tamara is getting better every time. She sure was more like the old Carly then ever before. Her sniping at the Q’s was great, and of course I just loved the encounter with Stavros, when he tried hitting on her.

“What the hell part of "back off" don't you understand? You come near me, and I will knock you into next week. “
Now that’s the Carly I want to see more of, the one with a backbone who won’t take sh*t from anyone. You gooooooo girl!!!

Now I know my Sonny, (ducking slings and arrows here, I know I know he’s not “my Sonny” just a figure of speech girls) and he proved that he is so on to Angelporn this past week. Granted he gave her that million dollar smile with those gorgeous dimples but he’s also a very very good actor. I just remember that stone cold look he had on his face when the skank was messing with his back. definitely not a look of pleasure. Then later when they were playing that “truth game” and he asked her “

Oh. What's your favorite place in the whole world?
Did she really think she was getting over on him when she said
“Right here, right now.”
Give me a break, what a crock of sh*t. This is the old Sonny we have come to know and love.
“Did you run a check on that girl I told you about? Ok, you got to get that to me as soon as possible. What? No, no, I can't come back. I'm figuring something out, Benny, ok? It's very important
” Bust her *ss and send her up the Port Charles river, preferably in a boat with a big ass hole in it.

As much as I like Carly I like when someone else reads the riot act to her and points out what a pushy, annoying, selfish, brainless bitch she can be at times, ok most of the time. Alexis summed it up pretty good when she said

“You don't inspire affection. You also shoot your mouth off every given occasion, you take things personally, and you're generally abrasive. Not to mention that you almost sent your husband away for 30 years. You cost people, Carly, and don't feel obligated to pay the price.”

Finally it was so good to see Taggart again if even for a brief moment. We need him back in more scenes and maybe, possibly even a storyline. This also goes for Elton. I really miss him. I understand Genie had a lot to do with him getting his storyline maybe she can work her magic on godjilla. It’s obvious other people have to point out to Jilly the talents she’s letting slip thru her fingers. But don’t get me started on that one.

This is the BAD Stuff


Well like I mentioned before just about that whole dream sequence sucked. It was ridiculous and obviously very little thought or talent went into it. Anyone that watches OLTL knows they also did a “dream sequence” scene. The difference being theirs was hilarious and very well done. Now I don’t know who got the idea from whom, I have my suspicions of course. but it doesn’t really matter. Once again Jilly just proved that she can do a really good job of screwing up a good idea.

Of course my favorite non-couple right now going at one another. Yes I mean the one and only Nexis. These two need to adjust their attitudes and straighten things out. Ned can come off like a self-righteous, uncompromising snob at times. (Sorry Tracey :-( but he can) Alexis isn’t much better and I really don’t want to see a Sonny/Alexis pairing. But it does seem that Ned hit a nerve when he mentioned her feelings about Sonny. “

It seems to me that your much-vaunted principles seem to fly out the window whenever sonny Corinthos walks through the door. In fact, you know, maybe our problems are less about you and me and more about you and sonny. Well, actually, I was just sort of taking a wild stab at this whole sonny angle, but it appears that I might have hit this right on the head. “
“Oh, ok. That's it. You know what? This is over. This conversation has deteriorated beyond repair. I am going to find Carly, and I'm going home“.
Me thinks she doth protest too much; as they say. Well if Sonny has to be paired with anyone other then Carly, Alexis is definitely my second choice. Anyone but “white out nature girl”. My apologies to you too Olive, I know you like her but it just can’t happen with her and Sonny it just can’t. I will never be the same if it does. Hey anyone out there who knows where I can get a pic of Jilly please email me so I can finish my voodoo doll. :-)

Needless to say I was totally upset with Mike and Sonny’s conversation.

“Sometimes leaving costs more than sticking it out. I mean, maybe you can't forgive her. Maybe you'll never be able to completely. But she loves you. I mean, that counts. There's got to be some way that -- just at least give her a chance, Michael “
“ That's the point. She justifies it. In her head, she works it so it makes sense. And then everything goes up in flames, and suddenly she's sorry. Time passes, and she does it again. I won't go there again, mike. I can't. It's over. “
Well I don’t care what he says he still loves her, notice he couldn't’ answer Mike when he asked him. Call me a hopeless romantic, call me a idiotic fool I think that these two are the best thing that ever happened to one another and I’m not discussing it any further, and that’s final. I guess you better throw in stubborn there too.

This is the Ugly Stuff


Ok ok so I’m being repetitive. Angel with Sonny, no way no shape no form no how. All that garbage she spewed about her favorite place being “right here, right now” oh please I wanted to hurl. Actually I’d like to hurl all over her white self. Alright that’s gross, and I apologize to anyone who is sensitive about stuff like that but I’m not taking it back. Between that and the comment she made when asked what she would have done if Sonny hadn’t been there to pick her dumb *ss out of the mud.
“ Well, I would have crawled into the kitchen with my eyes closed and made a trail of mud all through the house, which I did anyway. And I would have washed myself off. “
Duhh, gee Angel do you really think you could have done that all by yourself? That’s a real challenge for a nature girl like yourself.

This is the I don't know about


I haven’t said anything about Tony’s part in this whole Stavcicle cover-up. I’m not sure I agree with what’s he’s doing. I know he is keeping quiet because he fears for Lucas ‘s safety but there should be some way he could let someone know that Stavros has come back to wreak havoc and generally be a real pain in the *ss. I mean after all the man walks all around Port Chuck it’s unfathomable that nobody has seen him yet, except of course for the people who don’t know him. Somehow Tony should figure out a way to let Luke know without endangering his son. But of course that would speed up the storyline and we sure wouldn’t want that now would we?

Well ok that’s it for this week and of course any slings, arrows or praise you want to send me I will appreciate. The latter being the preferred of course. :-)

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