The Good, Bad, and Ugly

August 10th, 2001

This is the Good Stuff


Stavros: Mother! What the hell do you think you're doing?  Let her go now. 
Helena: Honestly Stavros, you are so inflexible. Stavros: Mother, I am so disappointed in you. 
Helena: Oh, this from the man who is romancing his son's former paramour? 
Stavros: I do not justify my women to you. Helena: God knows. 

Inner Luke: Stavros is here. Set the oven for 425. 


Well  was this a week of some of the best of TG we ever saw? I don't know about you  guys but I was LMAO all week at Luke. Everything that came out of his mouth was hilarious. I just love the inner action between Luke, Hells, and Stavcicle.  When he caught his mother and Luke in that clutch he took on the parent role and Hells looked like a child that had gotten caught with her hand in the cookie jar so to speak. When inner Luke1, was trying to warn Luke2, not to say anything when Stav was grilling him about what he knows about Nicholas and Luke2 says...

Nicholas, nikity, Nicholas, nikity-knack. 
nikolas? Nikolala, nikoli, nikoli, knack, knack, nikolas? 

I just cracked up. Somehow I just know that was not McHack's work. It definitely sounds like a "Lukeism" created by TG. It's not just the lines he delivered this week it was all his gestures and facial expressions that TG does on his own I'm sure with no direction from JFP. Remember when Luke1 was telling him to "Stay quiet, you know nothing?"  Well as someone once said a picture is worth a thousand words.  

So true so true. His performance at the auction of course was priceless. From insinuating what Hells is up to in her laboratory, to almost blowing it by giving Nik up, to his line to Liz, when she was trying to get him to leave.

Elizabeth: Luke, please. Let's go sit out in the foyer, ok? 
Luke: Oh, little bo peep, we have lost our sheep and we don't know where to find him

Even after being arrested by Taggert when  Mac got in his face Luke managed to p*iss him off too by saying...

Mac: You're losing everything, Spencer -- your family, your friends. At least Felicia is smart enough now not to try and save your pathetic neck

Luke: Oh, yeah? You think after a hot, boring summer in Texas you're going to look good to her? No way, man. She's too hot for you. Man, the things that woman knows how to do in bed, I'm telling you. 

Need I say more? Well I will now move on  but as far as I'm concerned this  was the best of the good. So I am dedicating this week's gbu's to Anthony Geary an awesome actor who does it like no other.

Honorable mention must go to two characters Gia and Carly. Once again, Carly managed to get into two of my topics the good and the bad. The good side was Carly reading Boobie the riot act when she spilled the beans to Sonny about Carly not being pregnant. Now I'm not saying that it was right of Carly to deceive Sonny, but Bobby the buttinski had no right to open her big trap and tell him. So Carly had a right to say what she did to Boobie from calling her a serial wife to telling her she no longer had a daughter. Will Bobbie never learn? I am going to admit right here and now that Gia has become one of my favorite characters.  Marissa is doing a great job and she has come a long way since she first started. I just love to watch her stand up to Hells, give it right back to Nicholas, and put muffin face in her place as often as she can. She sure did  this week, here's a little reminder....

Nicholas: She'll cheapen the whole evening. She's inexperienced. She's too flashy 
Gia: I wasn't too flashy or inexperienced for you in bed, was I?
Nicholas: Point made. Nicholas: So now you're taking diamonds from a man you hardly know. Gia: Well, why not? I took them from you, and it turns out I barely knew you. 

I assume you're here as Nicholas' date since lucky is nowhere in sight, and, well, he couldn't afford to bid on anything here if your life depended on it. Not that any of it is your style, ms. Holier-than-thou. Which is really a joke when you think about it because you've turned out to be the world's biggest tramp, ms. Face of deception.
Elizabeth: Nicholas and I are having a private conversation.  Gia: And now it's over.

I almost forgot my other honorable mention goes to Monica for telling Allan and Skye where they can go, specifically to the "west wing where they can bond all they want" Monica can be sweetness and light or the evil queen and I love to see her in the latter mode. I loved when she said she was just going to act like Skye wasn't there and shoved her out of the way at the mansion when she got her coffee, that was classic Monica in b*tch mode. Allan just keeps proving over and over again what an ass he really is. He's willing to jeopardize his marriage for some daughter he never knew, and who he just found out was partly responsible for crippling his other daughter. What an idiot! So I feel Monica was perfectly justified when she said to them..

The only place daddy is going to take you is to the bus station. I want you out of here. If you do not leave this house, I'm going to call the police and have you arrested for trespassing. Alan: Skye isn't going anywhere. This is my home. And as long as I have a place here, she will remain here.
Monica: Really? Alan: Yes. And I know you're upset, Monica, but we have come to an understanding about everything. We've been through it all.
Monica: Fine. Well, while I am throwing skye out, you can just pack your understanding and go along with her.

Goooo Monica!

Last but not least a big round of applause to Mike for letting Sonny know just what he thinks of him and Carly and this whole Angel mess. I know Mike is hardly the father figure, and he didn't do right by Sonny so many times but he has changed and really does care what happens to his son. He knows Sonny still loves Carly and that she is the only one that can really make him happy, not some white out b*tch that lives by a lake full of loons. When he said to Sonny....

All right, wait a minute. What are you saying? That you never made a mistake? That you'd never do anything differently? Well, you never -- you never betrayed anyone who cared about you, who's devoted to you? You never lied to anyone because you were so totally convinced that was the only way to save her life? And your actions, with the best of intentions, have never led to someone that you love being hurt or worse? Come on, Michael, get off your high horse. I mean, you want to believe you're perfect, but you're the same as me and Carly and everyone else in this world. And if you can't admit to that, then you ask yourself, who's the liar here? And this angel woman -- what do you know about her? I mean, what do you really know about her? Anything ?

I adore Sonny, and probably always will, but it's time he realizes that the rules of lying or telling the truth however you want to look at it apply to him just as well as everyone else. Yes, even the mob boss extraordinaire. Sorry Olive, (a very good friend of mine, but also a fierce Sonny defender) but I call them as I see them. 



This is the BAD Stuff


Well I said I was going to mention the whole Skye/Monica/Allan/Aj/Carly debacle so here it goes. I don't know what Skye has up her sleeve as far as AJ and Carly go but you guys all know out there, it is definitely not to help either one of them. All this bullsh*t she is trying to feed Carly about wanting to help her get Michael back to get revenge on the Q's is just that. On the flip side of that coin the same applies to AJ.  Especially now, AJ can't blackmail her about Em so what's all that about? Why does she have it in for Carly? I'm confused.  Other then the fact that she's a "fOJ" and is getting a front burner storyline, it would certainly be great for a change if it made sense. But I digress. The worst part of this whole scenario is the way Allan is treating Monica. It was absolutely disgusting to see him bidding against her for that bracelet. 
Monica: 32,000. Auctioneer: 32,000. Thank you. Now 35,000 -Alan: 35,000.  Auctioneer: 35,000 the bid. Going once, twice. All in, all done. Anybody else? Sold for 35,000, dr. Alan quartermaine. 35,000. Thank you.  Alan: Next time you see my daughter Skye, don't pretend she's invisible. 

We all knew what he was doing and I wanted to shove the necklace down his throat instead it winds up on Skye's arm. What a crock of sh*t.  I was glad Ned got his shot in.  

You could make this easier by just leaving.  Skye: Or grandfather could put jewels on me and sell me again at the auction. Ned: I don't think you could get that high a price, actually. 

Skye has no idea how ruthless he can be. She is no match for him. Right Tracey?

I must say I have never felt so sorry for Stefan then I did at the auction when Nicholas ripped into him and hurt him so badly. Now I know he had no choice but it was a very sad thing to see and I just think there should be another way he, Luke1, & muffin face can fool psycho-granny and the Stavcicle without inflicting so much pain. I have never been a big fan of Chloe's but I'm glad she was there for Stefan he really needed her after having to listen to Nicholas's faux tirade. For those of you who didn't hear it, it went as follows...

Stefan: I know you, Nicholas. You are a thoughtful and caring young man. You would not behave this way unless you had a reason.
Nicholas: Uncle, maybe I've finally grown up and realized how small you really are, how insignificant. And you know what? It's incredible to me that I ever admired you   Stefan: I watched you grow up. I raised you as a son.
Nicolas: And that's another thing --  Stefan: I know you.
Nicolas: Thank god I'm not your son because you are and never will be half the man my father is. Your lies and manipulations, uncle, have finally caught up with you. So why don't you do something for me. Stop demeaning yourself here! Now, excuse me.

I know it's all part of the plan but I wanted to slap muffin face upside her head when she came back with her smart ass remarks to Gia..

Nicholas and I are having a private conversation.  He doesn't want to see you. 

She had that smug little look on her face that said "You know I'm really enjoying this. When Nik was telling her how he didn't think he could go on deceiving Gia...

Nicholas: Gia needs me, ok, and I need her.  Elizabeth: Look, I know this is really difficult and -- 

Well Nik interrupts her at that point, but don't you just guess she wants to say, "and I know you need her but I just don't care. I just care about me,me,me, and oh yeah Lucky too.

I wish Carly would stick to her guns and stand up to Sonny like she did for that brief moment at the hospital when Sonny was telling her I want you to stay away from me and she said...

You know, you keep telling me that, one of these days I just might. 

Yes Carly this is what you need to do. Let him come after you, because you know he will. Carly needs to make it a little more difficult for Sonny instead of being at his beck and call.  This whole Angel/Sonny/Oh Carly you're welcome to stay with me at my house by Loon lake /so I can pump you for information, scenario/ absolutely sucks. I mean the only good thing like I said before that will come out of this is when Carly finds out the whole story. I can't wait for that. I hope she is wearing those stiletto shoes she kicked the elevator with when she finds out. That will leave quite an imprint in the white out b*the's ass.

Trying to prove her love to Sonny by pulling the plug on Sorel is just not getting it. She got caught, didn't succeed in her attempt, got Tony involved while trying to cover with some lame story...

Carly: We were on our way to the nursery. Tony: That's a scary thought. You want to stay out of trouble, you stay away from these two, ok? 

and generally just p*ssed Sonny off more. She needs a new approach and backing off just might work.



This is the Ugly Stuff


Well, angel has made it into this section again. She will continue to do so until she is gone. So for you few and I mean very few Angel supporters out there get used to it. Well at least it's out in the open who she really is. Now what does she really want? When she was trying to weasel her way out when Sonny confronted her I wanted to hurl.

I used to love my father. He was good to me, proud of me. And I practically worshipped him. Little girls and their dads, you know? He loved me, sonny, and I believe that now as much as I did then. But as I got older, I started to understand his business. I discovered the price. I didn't want him to get you, too. That's why I couldn't let you die. And that's why I didn't tell you who I was

Oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee give me a break. Even if part of this is true, it's still a crock. Does she think Sonny is stupid or what? That crap about if I have to chose over my father and you I choose you. Well duhhhh the s.o.b. is getting ready to bite the dust who would you choose? I think somebody should  (if I were able I would do this, believe me)  hire a boat to take certain Port Charles  residents to an undisclosed destination for one of those faux/murder-mystery/events except this one would be a one way trip to a place of no return. If it were my guest list it would include: Angel, (#1 on my list, she even beats out the Flea and that's saying something) then the Flea, Liz, Chloe, Boobie and Jax, (I know he just arrived, but he can turn right around and leave) I would include Stavcicle on this guest list but I want Luke to have the pleasure of disposing of him, for good this time. Sound like a plan?



This is the I don't know about


I DON'T KNOW- I'm still on the fence about Roy and Melissa. I enjoyed some of the scenes when they went camping, if you want to call it that. Actually the only part I really enjoyed was the scene with the bear. Hmm maybe that's telling me something right there.

Melissa: If you're right here, then what's over there? Ah! Roy! Roy! Roy: Hmm. Melissa: Shh. Shh. Look  Roy: Oh. (Bear growls)  Melissa: It's a bear! Melissa: Those are my candy bars. That's breakfast. He can't have that. Do something. Stop him. 
Roy: What am I going to do, flash my f.B.I. Badge? "

"It's a bear" geez Melissa nothing gets by you.  They certainly made Roy look like an idiot, jumping on top of the car, like that's going to save them. I know I know just because he used to be in the mob, and spent 20 yrs in jail doesn't mean he can't be afraid of a bear. But cmon he could of thought of something. Well it doesn't really matter what I think anyhow because Jilly and her partner in crime (they're screwing up our soap, that's a major felony in my book) are going to do what they want no matter what the fans think or want. Oh geez how could I have missed these two. They would also be on my guest list for the mystery trip. I would love to hear who you guys would add or subtract from my list so let me know ok?

Well that's it for this week hope you enjoy and as always slings, arrows, and  praise are welcome.

BTW I would like to thank you, Carla,  from GH Rocks for providing me with the pics of Luke. They are absolutely awesome!  You are very talented.


Oh yes btw I want to credit "Eye on Soaps" for the transcripts that I usually have in my gbu's. As most of you know Tracey Warren who is an integral part of EOS does the transcripts there now. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be able to interject them in my reviews. So thanks once again to Tracey and EOS.


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