The Good, Bad, and Ugly

September 10, 2000

This is the Good Stuff


ALL RIGHT !!!!!! The MAN is back.! The Lukester is returning to Port Chuck and we can expect things to really heat up now. It is so good to see a real talent at work. Those scenes between him, as Philo Moscopolous trying to sell his genuine plantiminium watches and Roy “trying to break the bad news about the club were priceless. As Luke says “What do you mean , what’s the plan? You da plan man”

I enjoy any scenes with Jason and Liz. They are so good together. I like that Jason can talk to her with such ease. He is more outgoing when he is with her. I thought the fight scene was comical and when she was trying to get him to let her drive back to Kelly‘s. “So you think I can steer? No, Elizabeth. What if I told you it makes me feel alive? I’d tell you to get your own motorcycle. Oh come on you act like I did really bad last time. We almost crashed the last time, didn’t we? Please................

I always like Jason & Sonny’s heart to heart talks. I especially liked this weeks because they both found out how each feels about Carly. “I love Carly, but I’m not in love with her and that’s always going to hurt her, until she realizes that she’s not in love with me either.”

I Think it’s finally beginning to sink into that thick skull of Carly’s that there will never be a Jason & Carly. Jason sure tried his best to tell her and Sonny laid it on the line. “Why do you want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you? Of course he is just as hardheaded as she is. If they could both admit their true feelings this marriage of necessity could be a lot more. I think Sonny was trying to tell her that when she agreed to marry him. “Well I’ll take the one who’s in it for himself and I’ll marry you Sonny, for whatever that is worth” “It’s worth a lot” I know all you “Carly haters & Sonny lovers” out there are just cringing at the thought of this but I as far as I’m concerned sticking Carly with Jason would be a travesty.

I’m glad Liz told Jason what’s going on with the “Port Chuck Squad” I know this might cause more problems for her and Lucky but his ego shouldn’t come first and I have a feeling they’re going to need all the help they can get.



This is the BAD Stuff


What is with Hannah the banana? Does she really think she can save AJ? The only thing she is going to do is lose Taggert. Like I said last week he isn’t going to play seconds to AJ, and he proved that the other day when he wouldn’t wait for her. She sure is going downhill is her choice of men. She started out with the best and blew that, she could do worse then Taggert and certainly will if she ends up with AJerk. But then again it doesn’t really surprise me, I don’t know about the rest of you out there.

This whole “plan” of the Port Chuck Squad. Now you just know something is going to go wrong. It’s just been too easy so far. Once again Lucky’s ego has taken over and he has gotten way too confident. “They said it couldn’t be done” “Well, was I right or was I right?” “Ah, it’s a piece of cake” Ahhhhhhh yes a piece of cake and chances are someone is going to get burnt.

It looks like Luke and Roy’s friendship is drifting apart. Sometimes Luke can be such a butt head. He calls Roy over to Russia to help him out and then does nothing but criticize his every move. Luke making the crack that the monkey had a better British accent then Roy. But Roy got his shot in too. “Yeah I hate to break it to you pal, but you’re not the master of disguise.” “I mean I’ve seen more convincing trick or treat outfits.” Then Luke not wanting to trust Sonny. Remarking he’ll go with his instincts they’ve kept me out of jail so far. Again Roy let him know how he feels. “Although for what it’s worth being an FBI pawn for 20yrs. does teach you a couple of things. Luke: “Hey look J. Edgar if you don’t mind I’ll skip that course.” You skipped it the first time, why not?” Again Luke’s cavalier attitude to everything he did to Roy sucks . He acts like; So what? big deal. Like I said a real butthead sometimes.

If I had been Sonny I think I would have kicked Mike’s butt out the door, literally. I can’t even stand to look at him anymore with his lame excuses, and what is this about taking care of it myself garbage? “I should never have gambled, I allowed myself to get set up, but I was trying to take care of this one on my own.” Hello? On his own? That’s why he went to Carly, asked her to get the money from Sonny and lie to him on top of it.. Yeah Mike that’s taking care of it yourself. Like I said before he’s a despicable loser and a user and doesn’t deserve the time of day from Sonny. It’s like Sonny said “Nothing ever occurs to you but saving your own ass! But putting Carly’s life in danger I cannot forgive”

Mac and Flea’s reunion .”I just can’t rattle on (and she does rattle on and on) about the girls when I just want to tell you how much I miss you.” WHY BOB? Why are you doing this to us?

Do the words torture and disgust mean anything to you? You know as a parting gift to us, that is if the rumors are true, Oh please, please let them be true. You could have let Mac and Flea get a divorce and make everyone happy. But noooo, that’s not part of your agenda right? Well new writers mean new story lines so we can only hope. What can I say Bob? You burst your own soap bubble so to speak. Sorry guys just couldn’t resist.

This is the Ugly Stuff


This whole scenario of Stefan kidnapping Chloe, Stefan making Chloe believe Helena kidnapped her and on top of that convincing her that Helena has also kidnapped him. Now granted convincing Chloe of anything is no great feat. I mean a five yr. old could do that. But as much as she gets on my nerves I think it’s despicable that Stefan would withhold her treatment for his own revenge against Helena. To make matters worse it looks like we’re in for a “Stefan/Chloe I’ll protect you, do whatever I can to get you your meds, entertain you by playing chess.....(Oh good gawd, not chess again) and in the end you will fall in love with me, because you’re on the rebound from Jax and you want to have someone to dance in the rain with” story line. First the Flea and Mac and now Chloe and Stefan oh Bob, didn’t you want us fans to have any fond memories of you? That is if you have left. You have left right? Tell me it’s so. :-)

Once again Ajerk proved what an ass he is. When he confronted Jason in the bar. Jason tells him he better not hurt anyone he cares about. True to form, AJ comes back with: “Do I still feel guilty about the accident that scrambled your brain? “Is there any microscopic shred of love left for my golden brother? “But hey after seeing you now the answers are crystal clear. One no, two, I simply hate your guts.” Looks like Bob is turning yet another character into someone unredeemable. But maybe there’s a chance for AJ since it looks like a certain head writer has finally decided to do the right thing by all us GH fans. I hope my celebrating isn’t premature, I don’t think my heart could take it.


This is the I don't know about


I don’t know yet how I feel about Nik an Gia as a couple, it looks like they’re going in that direction. Well better Gia then Liz. I also really do hope this was kind of a one time thing with Luke treating Roy the way he did. Like I said before I think this flip nonchalant attitude he has right now sucks. I may be being premature here yet but I can’t help myself guys. So just indulge my little celebration and lets hope I haven’t put the cart before the horse so to speak.

Till next week, when I hope we really have cause for celebration have a good one. As always any comments and or advice yadda yadda yadda you guys know the drill. :-)

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