The Good, Bad, and Ugly

September 17, 2000

This is the Good Stuff


Wow was this a exciting week or what? I mean that raid/hostage/kidnapping thing was pretty exciting. All in all pretty realistic too, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Emily is lucky that Zander is really not a bad guy. He has definitely taken some really wrong turns but he’s not evil. Hey she could have been kidnapped by Faison. Then where would she be? I know I know he’s my man but he’s still evil. I mean he did come back and take her to the clinic when he thought she slit her wrists. He really does care for her. “I never meant for any of this to happen I never wanted you to get hurt”

See? A dealer/kidnapper with a heart.

Well even though there seems to be a small glitch in the marriage between Sonny & Carly at the moment they have come to a better understanding of one another. “Will you admit that not everything I did was a total mistake?” Sonny: “Yes” “You promise to stop acting like I’m not here?” Sonny: “Yes” “Will you let me do something about reupholstering this couch? Sonny: “Is it a deal or not?” “Ok it’s a deal” Sonny: “Deal” Both of them are so hardheaded that they can’t come right out and admit how they really feel about one another. Carly did somewhat “The truth is if you go to jail Michael would be really upset and it would upset me too. “I worry about you locked up, you don’t deserve that” Now if Sonny would only admit his feelings they could stand a chance.

Like I said before I love to watch Luke and Roy together they are so entertaining. Whoever writes for them is good I kind of hope it wasn’t Bob, if you all know what I mean. Like when Luke was making fun of Roy’s British accent and Roy saying “There’s nothing wrong with my accent it’s your cockamamie plan” Luke: “Cockamamie?” Yes cockamamie it’s a dumb word for a dumb plan.” Roy knows better but of course Luke won’t listen and as we now know he should have.

Jason seemed to really glad to see Monica. He seems to be warming up to her more and more. I also enjoyed Edward admitting to Lila how much he really misses Em, her crazy clothes and loud music and how she just brightens up the place. The old coot has a heart we’ve always known that.


This is the BAD Stuff


Well I guess we all knew the “plan” was doomed to fail. Actually they had gotten a lot farther then Liz had predicted but of course we knew something was going to go wrong. A raid never gets better or goes away it always gets worse and Zander of all people should have known that. So now we have him on the run, with Emily in tow and who knows how long they are going to drag this out. I don’t even want to hear November sweeps. Maybe now with a promise of a new head writer things will come to a head faster. We can only hope. Don’t get me wrong Amber is doing a great job, but I can only take so much of Emily’s crying and whimpering.

This whole Mac/Flea reunion is making my head hurt. What in the *ell is wrong with Mac? The fact that she didn’t answer him when he asked her if she was in love with luke should have been his first clue. Don’t you just love the way she got around that one by telling him, “I love you I’m not going anywhere Mac, I’m for keeps” Yeah, yeah, yeah, when have we heard that before? I wonder how eager Mac would be to get back together with her if she had admitted sleeping with Luke. But then again that would involve honesty and we all know how the Flea feels about that.

You know I never knew anyone that could contradict themselves more then Boobie does. One minute she is telling Carly what a bad idea it is to marry someone who she doesn’t love, and in the next breath she’s telling her how much Sonny really is always there for her and cares about her. Please Boobie giving advice about marriage? A four time loser in that department. Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor from laughing so hard.

Well like I said earlier we knew Roy was right...”But you be careful in the bank man, because you’re the only one who thinks you’re good at disguise.” But Luke being Luke and his ego getting in the way of common sense, wouldn’t listen and as a result....”Interpol, Luke Spencer you are under arrest.” Yep Luke you know best. Well we know he’ll get out of this mess somehow, but maybe he’ll be willing to listen to somebody’s else’s advice next time. Yeah right, what am I thinking? This is Luke we’re talking about. We wonder why Lucky is so hardheaded.

This is the Ugly Stuff


In my opinion this whole Stefan/Chloe/kidnap/alleged kidnapped by Helena/not really dead/framing Luke/letting Nik think he's dead/keeping Chloe from her medication to have dreams to catch Helena/, storyline is really really ugly.

It is despicable that Stefan is letting Nik think he is dead, that goes without saying. But to withold medication from Chloe that would help her get well is absolutely

unforgivable. No, I haven't become a fan by any means but even Chloe doesn't deserve this. It is so pitiful that she doesn't have a clue about him and is falling right into his trap. “Right now I’m going to relax and take a nap and hope that provides us with some useful information” Oh Chloe if you only knew. What gets me is she can tell that they are in the Mediterranean by the color of blue the water is, but she’s not the least suspicious of Stefan, or why he doesn’t seem to be as eager as her to get off this island. What’s wrong with this picture? Well at least she’s not going around trying to make the island smile.

This is the I don't know about I DON’T KNOW ABOUT THIS ONE
Well gee what a surprise Gia is Taggert’s sister. I think most of us knew or at least suspected this. I’m glad in a way that they are bringing some of Taggert’s family to Port Chuckles, it seems he has a lot of unresolved issues with both of them. It also gives us a chance to see more of Real Andrews a real talent as far as I am concerned. but who knows we can’t really count on any of these storylines to stay the same now that
what’s his name is gone. Hmmmmmmmm how quickly we forget. huh?

Well that’s it for this week guys as always any comments are welcome and until next week take care all.

As an added note I want to wish Bob good luck in whatever he chooses to do. I have read in the past couple of weeks that a lot of the storylines that he really wanted to do were vetoed by the network higher ups and he felt frustrated and that’s why he quit. Maybe that is so and that is true maybe we would have really liked some of those storylines. If that is the case I apologize to Mr. Guza (yes, I said apologize) for being so critical of his work. To his credit he did write some good storylines and did have a hand in getting GH some of those Emmys. So again I say good luck Bob, wherever you go and I wish you the best. See I can be nice when I want to be.

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