The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Sept 2, 2000

This is the Good Stuff


Well I must admit there were quite a few good scenes this week. Gee Bob can we only hope this is going to continue? Well to start with all of us getting to see Vanessa Marcil in a flash return. That just blew me away. Congratulations Guza, that was a real surprise. I know there’s probably no chance of her returning but it was still great seeing her. Of course Jax leaving, (yes I’m glad he’s gone) to go find his true love. Let’s face it he has always been in love with Brenda, and Chloe was just a diversion. Jax and Chloe saying goodbye, she was hurt but she’ll get over it and dance with someone else in the rain, the count maybe? Btw Ingo, good luck with “The Titans”

I know I am in the minority here, but welcome back Jason! I was glad to see him and Sonny get back to the way they were before that whole Carly mess. I enjoyed the way they kind of ganged up on her, both agreeing what a pain in the butt she can be.

“The Port Chuck Squad” or as some of you refer to them as the “Scooby Doo Gang” arguing about the “plan” and how it will & won’t work. I must admit it does sound outrageous but it could be fun watching if it is done right. Listening Bob?

I thought AJ was absolutely hilarious when he dropped by Hannah’s to save her, explaining to Mac why he was there. “Ok, so I was walking in the parking lot, I saw your car. She doesn’t go anywhere without her car Mac” Then implying that she’s dating Mac too, and the crack about the interdepartemental thing except he pretended not to be able to pronounce it. I knew he wasn’t drunk he was just too much on the mark. Billy has improved immensely he has a lot of talent. Oops maybe I shouldn’t have said that; next thing we know Bob will be writing him out of the show.

I am really enjoying the scenes between Sonny and Alexis. He seems a lot more relaxed around her now and I love the way they banter back and forth. “You have the face of an angel” “All right, that’s it now my rates just went up 5%” “Eddie’s Angel” “Are you finished?”

Sonny and Jason’s meeting on the docks. Where else? As Sonny points out everything that has and is going wrong. “So, I got Carlos making a move in Puerto Rico, I got drug trafficking charges here, I got a lawyer with a bit of a credibility problem, my only way out is to marry someone that’s in love with you, Sorel’s a monster and an idiot, the feds and cops are also, (I definitely agree with him on this one Mac heading the list) and the Q’s will use all of the above to take Michael from Carly. And Michael starts preschool in a couple of weeks. Anything else? Jason: How’s the coffee business?

Sonny: “It’s good to have you home, man.” Looks like they’re back in sync.

You know it never ceases to amaze me how Carly continues to make an idiot of herself. She topped herself by going to the diner and threatening Liz.

“you know, I don’t expect you to understand about friendships because we both know you don’t have any, but try and follow along. Sonny and I are just friends. Jason...none of your business. You know you had a real chance with Jason, but you blew it by crawling into bed with his best friend.” Carly: “You know what? I’d watch my mouth if I were you. It may take your skinny little butt places you can’t get out of. Liz: “Bring it on Carly. Anytime.”

Oh I just loved that scene. I found myself yelling and clapping for Liz and saying you go girl!

Like I said for the most part Carly was acting like a real *ss this week. But when she was telling Jason how Sonny took care of her when she lost the baby and how she couldn’t have gotten thru it without him she showed that side of her we very seldom see. She does have a heart and feelings when she doesn’t feel threatened. Ouch, I can already feel the slings and arrows from you Carly-haters out there. Be gentle please.

I must admit she really makes it hard to defend her especially when she went off on Sonny on how Jason will take care of her and almost threatening him to leave her alone. Hello Carly? Have you forgotten that small detail about how he is facing 20 yrs. in prison because of you? I know you were just trying to help, .but that excuse is even older then dirt.



This is the BAD Stuff


Lucky’s conversation with Roy where he was bad mouthing his dad.
“My dad is a user, Roy. You take a chance with him, he will eat you alive. Yeah he’s also selfish, a liar, he hurts people” Yeah yeah I know he’s under that chess yadda yadda spell of Helena’s but it’s getting way old. Especially going on about the rape. Hey get over it already your mother did 20 yrs. ago. Also later on when he ranted on and on to Em about Jason. “And Jason can make it right? I almost forgot...Jason can do anything. You need someone to listen? Give Jason a call. Need him to keep a secret Jason’s your man. Why not? Jason’s a genius. I mean, he can figure it all out for all of us” If Lucky thinks he can run over Jason he better back up and think about it he’s no match for Jason. Now I realize this is all about Lucky being jealous, and the idea of Liz & Jason together drives him crazy but enough is enough already. Bob I swear if you don’t wind this storyline up asap I’m going to have to call on my good friend Faison and have a little chat with him. After all he can’t be too happy with you after what you did to him. :-)

Unfortunately we’re going to be seeing more of Chloe, now that she is Stefan’s captive. Oh geez Chloe a victim...........again. At least Jax isn’t around to rescue her. Maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll dream she is Cat, and she’ll go to the top of Windermere and trip over a parapet or whatever you call those gothic things. Ya think? Naw we’re

not that lucky are we. Especially since Bob really seems to like those blonde bimbo types.

Mike whining to the NuTammy that now Sonny won’t see me, and the cops don’t believe me. It’s always about Mike. Guess he should have thought about all that before he went to Carly. He’s nothing but a losing wimp.

Liz doesn’t usually irritate me but she did the other day when she was tearing apart the plan that Lucky came up with to trap Zander or Xander depending on what part of the week it is. They change actors and then spell his name different too? Hello Bob? Pay attention please. Anyhow I digress. She had a very condescending attitude and was really quite nasty. I’m glad Lucky stood up to her. ”Whoo! You sound like you want the plan to fail.” I realize she is worried about her friends, especially Lucky but she could have been a little more diplomatic.


This is the Ugly Stuff


Roy and Boobie’s sex scenes. Listen one more time Bob. They are not romantic, no amount of music is going to make them romantic. Does porn give you a clue? They are all “ff” material and I don’t think I’m alone on this one.

Also, Boobie ready to go off with Roy once again.....not even giving a thought to what’s his name. Oh yeah that’s right Lucas, her son. I’m glad Roy told her she couldn’t go. Her asking him what she’s supposed to do here while you’re out risking your life looking for my brother. Well gee here’s a concept for you Boobie how about going back to work or better yet taking care of your son. Now there’s a plan.


This is the I don't know about


Well just a couple things here. I have mixed feelings about Carly and Sonny getting together. It’s obvious he has deep feelings for her even if he doesn’t want to admit it. (Sorry Olive)

We know she cares deeply for him but is it enough? There are a few deciding factors here. Whether Sonny is willing to admit to her how he feels because she really needs to hear that. Also if Sarah plans to stay with GH. If not she may be taking off with Jason when he leaves, whenever that is . I know they said only a while but you never know. Everything could change if for some reasons they changed writers. Not that I have any particular one in mind. :-)

Nik/Gia....hmmm I’m not real fond of her now but sometimes actors grow on you or..........maybe not.

AJ/Hannah, now these two deserve each other. Tag’s going to get real tired of her running off every five minutes to rescue him so I wouldn’t be surprised if he gave her an ultimatum. Knowing Hannah the banana, she doesn’t do ultimatums.

Well that’s it for this week guys. As always any comments or advise is appreciated. Just remember what I said about my sensitive nature.

Just kidding. Take care for now and have a good week.


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