The Good, Bad, and Ugly

September 23, 2000

This is the Good Stuff


Well what can I say? Wasn’t the scene between Liz, Lucky and Helena just SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS? I know that’s the only way I can describe how I felt when Liz convinced Lucky to trust her and come with her. Boy did that *iss Helena off or what? Even better was when she repeated the magic words “protect your queen” and Lucky spaced out. Finally it looks like this storyline is moving in the right direction.

Sonny: “With this ring I thee wed. Carly: With this ring,

I thee wed. Mr. Hudson: By virtue of the authority vested in me by the state of new york, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.” Well I know a lot of you are not happy about this but I feel they really love one another and will make a great couple if they can just admit their true feelings (and if the writers let it happen). Others are telling them the same thing:

Jason: “No, no. Nobody traps carly but carly. She's in love with you, sonny. That's what's wrong with her. "Alexis: I think you have

a soft spot for the man Because you could have left him out to dry and you didn't. You came through, and I interpret that as someone who cares.That's not a bad way to start.” I liked the way Carly was acting like a girl on her first date really trying to impress Sonny with the dinner, and Sonny being impressed, giving her that necklace, and the dance and .............well just maybe they’re on their way. One can only hope. Ut oh, I can feel the slings and arrows already, that’s ok I can take it.

I’m really glad that Roy told Boobie, the clinging vine, where he stands with her. Roy: “Well, it's just you got to trust me a little bit trust my instincts, trust that I know how to take care of myself. Bobbie “That's why I keep nagging you. I'm not trying to drive you away. I'm trying to hang on to you Roy: I know. But you don't have to try so hard, baby ,because I'm not going to let go.”

I really wish he would find someone else, he could do so much better then Boobie. Since she donned this sleazy-hooker-look, and abandoned her nursing career, along with mother to what’s his name, she has really fallen into that category I call, “characters that need to follow Kat, off the parapet.”

Once again I want to mention how glad I am that they are using Nancy Grahn in more scenes. She is an awesome actress and the writers do seem to write some good comedic lines for her that she delivers with ease. Alexis: “Of course I want to bring Carly

this bouquet. She may want to toss it. You don't happen to have

a helmet handy, do you?” Alexis: Thank you, Johnny ,you're an angel Alexis: Did you hear that? I called him Johnny angel. "Eddie's angel. I've turned into an idiot.” Kudos to you Nancy, and writers, please more of Nancy less of Boobie, Chloe, & Flea. I know I know I’m living in a fantasy world. But I can always hope.


This is the BAD Stuff


BAD- Well, Flea’s back in town and already she is contradicting herself, regarding Luke. Felicia: “Will you tell him if he ever really needs me, that I'll be there for him, no matter what.”

“Felicia: “You're not listening to me. I know I've let you down

and I've disappointed you, but there is no one, no thing that I love more than you, your sister, and our family .Felicia: We've been through a lot and it's going to take a lot of time. But no matter what, you are always going to be in Mac's life, just like you're in mine. and I'm always going to be there for you. And I'm going to keep on proving it to you until I can't do it anymore .”

Need I say more? I just wish Mac would have overheard the conversation between Flea and Boobie because the next time Flea chooses Luke, and we all know she will, Mac is going to be devastated. Deja vu anyone?

This cutsie little “we’re buddies now” relationship that Em and Zander/Xander have developed is pathetic. What is it with the writers at GH that they have to develop relationships between victims and their captors. Twenty years ago or so Luke raped Laura, she ended up falling in love with him and marrying him. Now we have Chloe/Stefan. She of course doesn’t know that he is her captor but I can see he is already looking at her in a different way and by the time she does find out about him she will already be in love with him. Anybody want to take any bets on this one? I know the idea is to not upset your kidnapper, and get him mad, but cmon Em, you could have gotten away what’s up?

This obsession Mac has to hang Stefan’s alleged murder on Luke is ridiculous. Like Luke told him when Mac said he has all this evidence and came by it so easily, “Well that alone should tell you something ”. It’s a good thing Mac doesn’t know that the Flea slept with him or Luke would be on death row already. If he would just stop and think about what he’s doing and realize... Mac: “You see, not everyone is like you, Luke -- working on hidden agendas or old grudges.” Luke: “What's the matter, Mac? You can't even admit you've got one?”

This is the Ugly Stuff


UGLY-I’m going to go with the Stefan/Chloe alleged kidnapping storyline again this week. It’s just getting worse. I surmised that Chloe would fall in love with Stefan and it sure looks like she’s headed in that direction. Chloe: “You are my principal advisor. Stefan: By default. Chloe: Still I hang on every word you say.”

Oh pleaseeeeeeeeee! Jax who? It also appears Stefan is getting that admiring, she’s really beautiful, smart, cute and sexy look in his eyes. What is it with him and blondes? I don’t know what’s worse him withholding her medication, or him actually falling in love with her. Either way it looks like we’re stuck with Chloe for the time being. Looks like my “FF” button will be getting a workout.

This is the I don't know about


I DON’T KNOW- Actually, I do know about this one. The whole Eddie’s angel, internet thing is getting old. It was funny when it first happened and Nancy has done a terrific job with the storyline but it’s time to put Eddie’s angel to rest. Between the Q’s money and Sonny’s contacts this could have been over long ago. So lets tie everything up or whoever we have to and move on.

I would like to see Alexis get involved in helping Nik, Liz, and Lucky bring Helena down, because I do enjoy watching Alexis.

Well that’s it for this week. As usual any comments are welcome.

Everyone have a good week.

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